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    Better than a week and a half ago LL dazzled us with such exciting possibilities that were to start rolling out 'in a couple of days'. That post has since been truncated and the 'couple of days' removed. I understand technology doesn't always co-operate with our plans, but maybe make realistic predictions and not just dangle a yummy looking carrot in front of us. I personally was excited to be bowled over by these Superrabafabulous updates Soooooooooo if one is to make such claims ...................... maybe keep us abreast of the sich LL you are the overlords, if we don't know what you are doing, how are we to make plans or are we to make plans in SL at all? It's no small investment on our part as well, and this should be respected as well as your multi-million dollar investments. LL could you give us an update to these roll outs? Are we talking a week? 6 months, 127 years? Just some intel is all I ask Peace out Hedo