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  1. Metal Street Station is Hiring: We are hiring Dj's and hosting staff. we do run two shifts some are full but others are not. We are currently open seven days a week with the following shifts 4-6 pm SLT and 6-8 pm SLT. If we get enough staff will add more shifts in. What you will need: 30 days old or more age verified know how to emote DJs: Have own stream voice during set Hosting staff: Need to be able to do posts and notices Other requirements on app Please contact Elizabet Savira General Manager for apps. All inquires answered within 24 hours.
  2. Metal Street Station is now Hiring Dancers we have two shifts right now 4-6 pm SLT and 6-8pm SLT 7 days a week. This is NOT a full strip club or a escort club. We only have striping down to your lingerie and if not comfortable with that we want you as skimpy as possible to begin. We are a fun laid back Rocker biker club, have a great staff and are looking to add more to it. What you will need: be 30 days plus Have a nice shape and skin Age verified A current photo you can send (clothed please) able to emote able to have fun All inquiries please contact Elizabet Savira General Manager All inquiries answered within 24 hours
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