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  1. I'll be on practically all day for anyone interested. IM or send me a message here for more info!~
  2. I need 6 images, all of which are either simple textures or font related, the details of which will be shared if your art style is a good fit. (Textures kind of like a fancy HUD, though it's not a HUD. xD) Please send me a message if you're interested. If I like your art style and feel you'd be a good fit, I'll do the following: -Pay you 1k up front for one of the smaller parts just to see how it comes out. After it's completed I'll give you another 1k. -After that I'll pay 3k up front for each other pic. (15k after the last 5 pics are done, 17k in total.) -If you want, I'll credit you in the product. I'm open to negotiations. P.S. We'll actually discuss your fees before you start, I wont try and pay you pennies. That being said, please show me your portfolio when you message!~ P.P.S. Please don't expect to be paid upfront with no portfolio.
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