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  1. I've tried to log in to SL...only to find that my Avi stays as a cloud...when it does let me rez...I can't move...doors and pretty much everything isn't rezzed properly. I can't teleport...and I can't change my clothes. I'm using the SL Viewer 3.0.0 and nothing is working at all. I'm using my Nvidia GE Force 9500GT Graphics Card? I know the type of Graphics Card is important but would it mess with everything like this even movement?
  2. It won't log me in on the 2.8.0 Viewer, I've reset the modem, router, turned off the computer restarted it, cleared the cache...nothing is letting me online. Even when I try the Earlier Viewer 1.23.5 I can log on..but then my avi is on a permanent AFK mode where I can walk around but my head is always down. Can you help me?
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