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  1. Thanks for the answer Torley, it has answered my question. It is confusing to have these two systems operating, especially when, on the surface, they appear to be the same thing, but at least i understand it now.I can't quite see why it would be necessary to have the two categories when one would suffice and be easier to understand. Surely there is no reason to be 'age verified' if one is already accepted as 'adult' or vice versa. I guess the only benefit is that mainland owners of less than a whole sim can flag their land for age verification but not for adult but I am wondering how land flagged this way on the mainland is getting by the adult content rules. Thanks again for the answer.
  2. Yes I think you are right that there are two different systems in place. However the Knowledge Base articles do not say this. They say you can become age verified by giving account details. That doesnt see to be the case, or maybe I am missing something.
  3. Isnt it that Premium membership only gives you access to Live Chat if you own a full region or more?
  4. The Knowledge base article is clearly wrong, so quoting it doesn't answer the question. Having account details on file does not mean you are age verified. I have been a premium member since 2006 and LL has had my payment info. on file since then. I own land on Zindra and can go most places there, except those places on Zindra where the owner has set the land to 'age verification' only. I cannot go to those places, or any place on the mainland where the land has been set this way. I have never had a problem with giving payment details to LL, but I do have a problem with giving SEVERAL pieces of information which together make identity fraud quite easy. Having recently been the victim of Credit card fraud I know how distressing this can be. I could send a photograph of my 60 yr old self instead of my passport - would that help?
  5. Why is it a different system to enter 'adult' land on Zindra and places where the owner has set the land to  'must be age verified'? I can go to the adult continents but not to some mainland places. Are there two different systems in place?
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