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  1. So I went and filed an abuse report on a certain person because they crashed my viewer when ejecting/banning me from their land over a disagreement. When doing that, the hud scrips I had all broke and I had to get new ones. Now, I filed a report on this said person, however I keep hearing this person is well known throughout the community, has a good standing from what I gather from their customers, is a great scripter sculpter etc. Would my report, someone who really hasn't done nothing but buy tokens and consume virtual items be a low priority due to their status and making a profit for themselves AND second life/Linden Labs? Would they ignore such a report and if said person reported ME, they would take their report over mine and ban me even though they initiated the abuse first?
  2. Some of us seem do dislike the viewer 2+ layout, and wish for the old layout again. I was wondering if for future updates , you can have the option of having the modern or classic viewer layout, to make it easier for users new and old.
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