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  1. Buyer's Price (for delivered items): L$200 Distributions Total (for delivered items): L$38 Marketplace Commission (for delivered items): L$10 Your Total Earnings (for delivered items): L$152 I put something for sale on Marketplace for 200L and they take 48L that is close to 25% So, I think everyone that has a store inworld should markup all their items 25% and then note if purchased in world you will save 25%. I have been in this game for years, in the beginning there was no marketplace, you could search for anything you wanted and a landmark on that item would be there and when you clicked on it.. it took you right to that item, not just the store but the item itself. I think it should go back to that. These charges are getting a bit out of hand. Natashaa Wingtip Creations By Natashaa
  2. I am having a hard time with the "A Shiny New Communications Hub for the Second Life Viewer" everytime my HUD changes, it starts blinking....everytime. Is there a setting I can change? Is it possible to go back to the chat I have been using?
  3. Can I print a list of my inventory on Marketplace?
  4. When Item are removed under Marketplace Listing Guidelines why don't I get notice of what guideline that has been done wrong. And then if I knew, why can't I edit said object?
  5. I spent hours yesterday deleting items from my marketplace store. When I sign in today they where all back in my inventory? I have a paid membership and I am wondering if there is a faster way to have this problem fixed... My time is valuable and working hours thinking I am delete items ONE at a time (yes I tried checking boxes and deleting a batch at a time and yes that still isn’t working) and while I am doing it, it shows it is working. Until the next day and they are back. I feel SL should put back the option to search for specific items in-world and teleport to the exact object, where the item was not just the store. I feel marketplace has been more and more difficult. I post my item’s then after I have them list I go back to my marketplace store and items are pull because of some rule, but can not inform me as to what information is wrong. I think if you know what is wrong why can’t I be informed as to what the exact rule it was pulled for. I have had items tell me because of spam and still no explanation as to why. I do not understand how my item may be spam when ever I do a search on marketplace it is a joke and not a funny haha joke. Just go search pose stand with c/m/t for builders and see what comes up. There are so many spam ad’s when I do a search for anything, and a lot of them are listed one after another. I know I may be wasting my time again today to let you know how I feel about this mess… but if no one complains how are you supposed to FIX it. I see marketplace as a way for SL to make even more money and if you do not have the money to pay for an ad good luck selling your items even though I have a paid membership that I pay SL every month. I think maybe someone should add that to your membership FREE ad’s for membership merchandisers.:matte-motes-angry:
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