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  1. I have left Second Life , if you would like to purchase the two remaining sims please email me at turtle_flp@hotmail.com
  2. I am selling four (4) private full sim, tier of $195 USD/month (grandfathered). Contact me for Tier dates. There is a $600.USD transfer fee payable to LL for keeping the grandfathered status of this private island sims. I am asking 1600.00 USD - that includes 600.00 USD transfer fee to maintained grandfather status. Keep in mind that a grandfathered sims saves you $100.USD of tier every month (and they are no longer available directly from LL). Sims are currently used as rental properties excellent business opportunity longstanding. IM Ima Flanagan in world
  3. Grandfathered Sim for sale Tier 195 USD a month. Tier date June 21st Price 1000 USD + 600 USD transfer fee. Contact Ima Flanagan in world.
  4. New club, great opportunity to run a club. New DJ's , starting out, need apply to guerch MacMoragh. 100 percent tips and wage.
  5. I'm looking to buy a Full Prim Sim or Homestead. Please contact me in World. Ima Flanagan.
  6. Willie !!!! so good to hear you , and today the website is down. Three days agao I paurchased the new rental system as you did, same company, and I will message you for some help setting it up. I am infuriated Hippo is still selling on Marketplace , again I purchased Pro, and more rent boes , and "pood" all gone. I have had to close one sim, spoke with Lindens time and again, and irrate renters in truck loads. I don't blame them but I can;t fix it either. What a mess they have left for us and other renters.. not to mention money gone..... poof.
  7. I have been trying for two weeks to get a response from Hippo. They have blocked and banned the store, and some of my hippo rent boxes are not working now. I have paid them many Linden dollars for a system that is now failing and they will NOT anser me , even though I paid for a Pro Suppoert. Can anyone help with answers. Are they closed.?
  8. Have you ever wanted to manage a Blues Club? Then Stormy McCallister is looking for you . Contact her today for all the details. Time to start making money, rather than spending.
  9. Homestead Sim for sale. Purchase price is 180 dollars US. Please contact Ima Flanagan . To purchase a Homestead region you must presently own a full 15,000 prim sim. Tier just paid. Renting the Homestead is also an option.
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