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  1. Thank you iCade :) Unfortunately i've checked all the stuff you talk about without finding any helpful solution. The suspect about connection is plausible, but I don't have any major issue with it. Should meshes' calculation need more stability and speed than "normal" operations? It would be a disaster, 'cause i can't get any improvement in my connection, so i would be out of meshes' world!


  2. The best tip i learned is this,  you can use when you are a cloud or ruthed and nothing seems working to fix it:

    - always keep a folder with a complete avatar (shape, skin, eyes), hair, clothes and shoes

    - when you are in the above poor conditions, REPLACE your outfit using that folder

    It seems work great and it always does!



  3. I know that a group can own 110% of contibuted land.

    What does it mean? Is 10% tier free?

    I can increase my allocation tier up to 40 $, to buy some land a friend is leaving. They are about 800 sqm more than the 8704 (8192+512) i can cover with the 40 $ tier. I created a group to own land: can my friend donate the whole amount of land to the group, if i keep tier allocation only at 40$?

    The math would be:
    40% tier = 8192 + free 512 = 8704
    land to own by the group = 9568
    8704x110% = 9574

    Is this right?


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