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  1. Hi, I am looking to sell my region called Fortune. It can be sold now if you want it with the current renters and the current configuration, or else on the 20th (the date I have told the renters I will be needing them to be out) if you want it empty. It is a very scenic sim - ready to go for a would-be land baron - no cookie cutter sim here! I am happy to help you get set up when you take it over if you are new at island ownership. Price $500 (includes transfer cost of $100) Tier date is the 28th. You can keep it where it is and the name, or move, as you like. Please contact VelvetThorn N
  2. There is a line in the original call for proposal that makes what has happened clearly wrong - “As the single mainland gateway for adult content, these regions would offer a unique opportunity to channel qualified Residents into high-quality, adult-related experiences.” FOR THOSE WHO DID NOT SEE THE ORIGINAL LINDEN LAB PROPOSAL FOR THE ZINDRA FOUR Linden Lab's Adult Gateway Proposal Goal: Enable the adult community to develop and quickly iterate upon a Zindra welcome/gateway experience for Residents interested in exploring adult content. Situation: With “Zindra” as a prim
  3. Update - As of 11:59pm slt, April 1 we are at over 202k Lindens raised by the Femdom Community in SL group! Here's showing LL that the kinkier bits of SL have a heart too and should not be overlooked! :-D The Femdom Community in SL is sponsoring a huge YARD SALE and various events through the 3rd of April here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Delight/128/128/22
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