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  1. I updated my original post. You were right, I need to actually pay people. Though now they won't get hired until I get the money.
  2. I am looking to hire a fashion designer. Unfortunately I do not currently have the lindens to pay you at the moment. However I will have the lindens to pay you on or some time after the first. I should get the money I need to buy lindens on the first, however there has been a month or two (not in a row) where my money had been delayed even though it normal comes in on the first. I can afford a max of $10 thousand lindens. Please keep in mind that this $10k budget is not a pay offer. It is merely the max bid I will even consider accepting. Ofcourse just because I consider a job bid does not necessarily mean I will accept it.
  3. Evareane is looking to hire people to produce the products we will sell. Applicants must be willing to work for a commission on sales of their product(s). I am looking for people to design and build Goth themed clothing, furniture, buildings, vehicles, wings, attachments, etc, etc, etc. I am also looking for someone to design and build various other product types as well. If interested please contact me either by posting a reply here or IM'ing me in-world.
  4. I read this thread because I was interested in the job. But I am posting because it's obvious from your signature that you're *also* a fan of "The Doctor" like I am. Shame the forum won't let me post the actuall name of the show.
  5. I am running a web hosting business at https://www.evareane.tk/ I use the free version of the BoxBilling billing software. I would like for someone to make an automated payment gateway for BoxBilling that lets people pay with L$ I need both an in-world script to handle the L$ transaction and a BoxBilling plugin for the in-world script to send an "ipn" message to that payment has been made.
  6. I want a game system where you remote control a prim'ed pseudo-avatar that your camera is attach. In order for people to play, I want... Them to use the sit action so "sleep" in what I want to call a "chrono-pod" that willattach their camera and controls to a fully prim/mesh miniature avatar which would need todisable all other reactions to control inputs until the player exits the game.Basically I want a second life inside of second life. I do not mean alternative methods of getting stuff, lindens etc, etc, that people still use their main second life avatar for. I mean this game system to give people a miniature avatar they remote control and is *completely* separate. I want this game system to be a franchise type product where other people can make their own games with this system. I want people to be able to make miniature everythingfor their miniature avatars in this game system. Preferably the same way they make other second life stuff. However there would have to an a kit of scripted prims that automatically tell the game system how to animate it, how and where to attach it to peoples miniature avatars (which are to be completely separate and different from their main avatars) and how their supposed to interact with other objects in the game. I want the script/prim system for making stuff in the game to be standardized and preferably make a third party tool for building stuff for the game. Maybe even have the system for making the objects for use in the game system be used like Kinetic Void's shipyard where there are predefined models that can be mixed/matched, resized, and attached to each other in any way. Well those are my thoughts on the game system I want. I just wish I could afford to hire someone to make it. However on that note I will be getting double the amount I usually do per month on the first of January 2013 (as I normally do on January the first every year), so quote me a price to see if I can afford it after-all. But remember, with the detail and complexity I requested odds are I will not be able to afford it. But please make your propositions anyway as to how much it'll cost. EDIT: I also want people to log out of this game system in seemingly the same way. by "sleeping" in a minature version of the "chrono pod"
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