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  1. Hello. I recently came back to SL after a long break. I'm ready to meet some new people and build great friendships. (male & female) Some of my interests are exploring new sims, dancing, being creative building or designing new things and I love meeting new people all over the world. In SL, I'm a Clothing Designer. Also, a Builder and Landscaper. I'm online off and on through the SL week day. Um, not sure what else to put here, so contact me inworld with any questions. Enjoy your day, Layla
  2. **********SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!************* Elegant Mommies Clinic, Daycare and Spa is HIRING. This is a REALISTIC RP clinic. We're growing at a rapid pace and need more staff. Everyone begins as a receptionist and moves up as owners and management feel you fit the clinic and can handle responsibility. You give us time and effort. We treat you like family, pay you and make sure you're always having fun! Requirements - Must be 30 days or older with a good knowledge of how SL works - Must be able to Role Play - Must be reliable - Must be friendly and fun * RL Medical Experience preferred, we may train the right person. Contact Layla Wylie INWORLD for an application or more details. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!
  3. Work in a realistic maternity clinic in SL. Begin as a receptionist and be promoted (if things work out). As a receptionist, you will be greeting guests and patients. Required: Honest, Dependable, Knowlege of notecards and a willingness to work. We pay hourly. We pay bonuses. If you're interested, IM Layla Wylie inworld for an application.
  4. Elegant Mommies Maternity Clinic is hiring RECEPTIONISTS. Requirements: Must be dependable, loyal, fun, friendly, able to follow directions and attend the shifts assigned to you. At our clinic, our receptionist greet anyone entering our clinic and helps them with questions or guides them through what they need help with. Receptionists are paid hourly with a bonus, if sales are made. (talk to management for details). Other benefits include picking our own hours. Promotion through the clinic by showing dedication and dependability. If you're interested contact inworld: Layla Wylie, manager or Cadah Cisse, owner * * * Serious inquiries only!!
  5. Be a receptionist at one of Second Life's growing clinics. Work with a staff that cares about you and understands RL happens. No ego trips just a great group of people working together. REQUIREMENT: Must be able to be mature and work in a professional manner. - You tell us when you want to work. We have 1 hour shifts and allow you to tell us, when your available. - Full and indepth training - Hourly pay - Commission on sales. Serious inquiries only. Please contact Layla Wylie in world for more information or to get an application and interview time.
  6. Ok, no idea where to post this. Please move accordingly. I'm looking for someone(s) to share my home with and help pay toward teirs. I have an awesome sunset corner plot. I'm truly happy where I am. However, my current roommate is leaving SL. I really don't want to let my land go. So! Looking for a male or female roommate to share my home with. - You'll have your own room / space. - You'll have prims available to you. - Access to all the common areas which are full of animations. - Invite your friends over, have parties and live the good life. - You will have plenty of privacy. I'm very easy going. Pretty flexible with taking ideas and suggestions. I can get along with almost anyone that is respectful. Price depends on how many prims you will require. We can discuss that when you contact me. Please contact me soon. Thanks Layla Wylie
  7. Eden Roc is a fun dance club. Our VIP group is growing rapidly and we're expanding our staff to meet those demands. Our staff is a very tight group of people, we're all very supportive and help each other out. We work hard but we play harder. At Eden Roc, you pick when you want to work!! Work as much or as little as you want. Eden Roc hires Males and Females. Eden Roc is hiring for the following positions. Manager (only 1, so hurry) Dj Dancers Hosts (Positions are limited) Contact Layla Wylie inworld or stop by Eden Roc for an application http://slurl.com/secondlife/Party%20Beach/30/209/25
  8. Eden Roc is hiring DJ's, hosts & bartenders at this time. If you would like another position within the club, talk with us. We'll make room for you. NO APPLICATIONS!! Let's face it they take up time, get lost in inventories and just an all around time waster. To get a job at Eden Roc, IM Layla Wylie and you'll be interviewed quickly. Should Layla not be online an offline will be sent to her email and you'll get a response very soon. We can discuss pay and all that stuff at your interview. Contact Layla Wylie inworld Check out Eden Roc at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Party%20Beach/35/209/25
  9. Eden Roc is hiring a manager or managers (depending upon who applies, times, etc). If you would like to work with a fast growing, fast paced Dance Club, we'd like to talk with you. As a manager at Eden Roc, you would be involved in hiring staff, working with staff answering questions and who's attending events etc, as well as working on event line ups with the owners. The right person will be able to work on their own and get tasks done. There will be some dedication on the right person's part. We never will expect you to always be working. However, we will expect certain things done. We will work with your availability There is a weekly pay plus for the right person(s). * Voice is required. As that is how meetings with managers are done. You are never required to use voice at other times. If your interested in more information or having an interview, contact Layla Wylie directly inworld. If you're an agency, do not contact me. Thanks
  10. Eden Roc is hiring. Feel free to IM me for more infomation
  11. Eden Roc is a new Dance Club. We're taking a new approach and we hope you'll join us. We're hiring DJ's, Hosts, Bartenders and managers. - You pick your hours Eden Roc is an upscale club. You should have a average to above average skin, good hair and a variety of clothing. If you need skin, hair or clothing help that will be provided. Contact Layla Wylie in world for an immediate interview or application.
  12. Mystic Bliss is growing super fast and we need MORE STAFF!!! Yay. We are hiring DJ's, Managers, Hosts and Dancers!! Our events begins at 10 a.m., 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. AND we're adding more events next week!! Mystic Bliss staff is like family. We all take care of each other and truly enjoy our club, customers and what we do. If you're ready for something more then a job, Mystic Bliss is the place for you. Pick up apps at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pengo%20Tango/34/220/21 or IM Layla Wylie for an app.
  13. Mystic Bliss is a four year old club witin SL. Mystic Bliss is hiring managers, DJ's, hosts and dancers. Join a great team of people working for an awesome club. Our staff has input in everything from event times, themes and other things. If you truly want to work with a team that's like family, with a club that won't be gone tomorrow, then Mystic Bliss is the place to work. Now hiring: DJ's Hosts Dancers Weekend Manager http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pengo%20Tango/7/200/22 Applications are found by the landing point or by IMing Layla Wylie
  14. Rent a shop at Mystic Bliss before Jan1 and receive double your rent FREE!! Pay for 2 weeks, get 2 weeks FREE. Pay for 4 weeks, get 4 FREE! Double your rent today!! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pengo%20Tango/7/200/22 Offer ends on 12/31/11 at 11:59 p.m. SLT. Limited spaces available 35 prims for $100L's 50 prims for $150L's Spaces can be modified to make them larger or smaller. Additional prims are available Ad boards available. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pengo%20Tango/7/200/22
  15. Mystic Bliss is HIRING!!! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pengo%20Tango/26/229/23 Looking for: Dj's Hosts Dancers Weekend Manager Mystic Bliss is a very laid back place to work. We have a great customer base that tips! We're looking to add events BUT before we do, we need more staff. Ready to work with the best? Join the Mystic Bliss staff. Get an application at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pengo%20Tango/26/229/23 or IM Layla Wylie.
  16. Mystic Bliss is hiring DJ's. Shifts available vary and we will work with you. We have no set music theme as we're always changing with events. Top 40's and requests are a safe genre to assume. Please contact Layla Wylie inworld.
  17. Mystic Bliss is hiring for all shifts and around the clock! No matter what time of day you're online, if you want a job then Mystic Bliss is looking for you!! Hiring Males & Females Positions available: Hosts, Dancers, DJ's, Weekend &/ or SL Night Manager & Life Performers. (sorry, we do not hire security or builders) Applications are available at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pengo%20Tango/50/205/21 or by contacting Layla Wylie inworld. *We DO hire newbies willing to be trained. If you need skin, clothing and that, we can help you. * * A desire and dedication to work for Mystic Bliss is all that's required. We can work with almost anyone.
  18. Mystic Bliss is a outdoor type club. It's very laid back. Our event themes and music style is always changing. Variety is one of the reasons our guests keep coming back. Guests tend to hang out between events, too. Our guests are chatty people and really fun to hang out with. Our guests have often commented that it feels like home. Mystic Bliss is hiring additional managers. We are looking for a Weekend Manager. Also, looking for an "Over SL Night Manager" (anywhere from say 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. SLT - of course you would not work those hours, we're just looking for someone that is on sometime between those hours and dependable). Managers at Mystic Bliss are responsible for hiring staff. Helping staff with events. Working with owners to improve the club. And other fun things. Also hiring: Hosts, Dancers, DJ's and live performers. Contact Layla Wylie in world for more information OR pick up an application near the entrance of the Mystic Bliss.
  19. Mystic Bliss is running a $300L Christmas Photo Contest. Take your best Christmas photo and enter it for your chance to win!! Contest ends Decmber 23rd. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pengo%20Tango/30/249/21
  20. Mystic Bliss has on shop available for rent. The shop is located directly behind the stage and right next to the busy photo contest boards. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pengo%20Tango/55/249/22 35 prims 100L's per week. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pengo%20Tango/55/249/22 MM boards, lucky chairs and hunt items are permitted.
  21. Mystic Bliss is looking for a few more hosts and dancers. We hire males & females. As a host, you would have input in what events are held and the times. You would be responsible for notices and welcoming guests. Our events are one hour long with the occasional two hour special event. As a dancer, you would keep the party going. This may include dancing on our stage, mingling with guests on the dance fllor or dancing with a guest (if they request a dance). We're not a strip club. We are a relaxing place for people to come hang out, listen to the music and make friends. If you're interested in attending an event or need an application, please drop by the club at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pengo%20Tango/48/208/21 or IM Layla Wylie for an application. See you at Bliss, soon.
  22. Mystic Bliss is hiring DJ's and Live Performers. Mystic Bliss is an outdoor club with a laid back and relaxed feeling. Our events are held daily. We take pride and enjoy the variety at our club. With that said, we're hiring more DJ's and adding live performances to our lineup. If you're interested in working at Mystic Bliss daily or just once in a while, please contact me (layla wylie) inworld.
  23. Mysic Bliss is looking for people who do live performances in sl. If you or your group are interested in performing at Mystic Bliss contact Layla Wylie in world Performances can be singing, reading or something else. Times are flexible too. Contact is Layla Wylie
  24. What would you do with $3000L's?. Mystic Bliss is hosting a $3000L Christmas Photo Contest. The contest is currently open and runs until December 23rd.Just click the board for rules. They are the standard rules of a photo contest. All photo's must have your avatar in them and done in a Christmas setting. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pengo%20Tango/48/208/21
  25. Are you looking for a job? Mystic Bliss has openings for a manager, hosts and dancers. We hire males and females for all job positions. Our club is super friendly. Our staff is like family. Our customers tip generously. it's a great place to work. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pengo%20Tango/48/208/21 Managers say what events they want to work and are only responsible for those events and the staff for that event. A management job don't consume your SL. Hosts are responsible for sending notices and welcoming guests. Dancers keep the party moving, having fun and shaking your money maker. Stop by and fill out an application. Talk to our current staff. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pengo%20Tango/48/208/21
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