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  1. Hi Sydney, It sure was nice to meet you today. I figured out why I couldnt get up to the platform, actually my SL father helped me out by giving me a flight thingy to wear & then i was able to do that 'gth 2000' easily. Thank you for that info (learn something new every day, even though I have been in SL since Oct '09 I still feel like such a newbie at times. Anyway, I wanted to say that I have a ton of stuff so maybe if you want to add something to the land, just give me a buzz. Any IM you send me inworld comes through my email & on my phone I could hop on to answer your questions. Im sorry I will be gone for the weekend, but it cant be helped. Me Casa Es Su Casa, so dont worry if you want to swing by the island while I am not there & check things out. I dont think that I will put up a security system, I would like it to be open to anyone as long as they are being polite & not griefers. Of course, it is to be a private beach for me & my friends & their friends to come relax & visit. ~Jeanie Feiri
  2. Hi Sydney, Can you come inworld tomorrow, Friday, at around noon SLT? I will show you the property. I decided to go with the smaller piece of land, the 1/8th. It's better size for my needs and has a nice side bonus. We can have a look at the land together & swap ideas & make decisions Thanks, Jeanie Feiri
  3. *waves my hand in the air* Im interested. Willyou be on tonight? In an hour? 11:30pm SLT. I'm coming in & would like to see it. ~Jeanie Feiri
  4. Haha, Well thank you very much! How nice to recieve such a glowing report. It makes me feel like this is a RL job he is applying for. ~Jeanie
  5. Hi Sydney Thanks for responding. I would love to meet with you. I cant view your work on this computer (work computer) but I will have a look when I get to my personal computer. I am noting your name & will try to find you inworld within the next few days. ~Jeanie Feiri
  6. I just bought 1/4 sim, 3750 prims. I cant terraform to save my life. I have some pictures of ideas of how I would like it to look (my ideas are not set in stone). Is anyone interested in terraforming & designing my land for me? I am willing to negotiate a fee, either Lindons or share the land with me as I plan on my house being a sky genie bottle. The "roommate" idea would mean: L$2499.50/wk each & 1875 prims each. Leave me a message here and/or contact me inworld: Jeanie Feiri or Sorsha36 Resident (Same person, different hair/avatars)
  7. Please join us every Saturday @ 1pm SLT for dancing & socializing. Hosted by the DM Macedonian High Priestess on the Palace rooftop & DJ'd by awesome DJCrazy. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mediterranean%20Sea/13​3/8/24 Each Saturday has a different theme. For Saturday January 28, 2012 the theme is "Best in Priests & Nuns". Join the contest & win for best costume. Contact me inworld for more information & a tp to the party. High Priestess, Jeanie Feiri
  8. :►►► T-Zone ιѕ нιяιηg ◄◄◄: Located on beautiful TZI T-ZONE Island. a whole sim with beaches, playful areas, Sky islands for rent and much much more Anything goes at TZI. we do not tolerate Drama, combat or harassment of anykind. Straight Bi Trans, gay lesbian it don't matter. We want everyone to just come and have a good time. Needing - DJ'S && HOSTS - Energetic, interactive, experienced, and dependable! - ɠҽɲгҽ: - Top 40 - Dance-Rock - Classic Rock-and everything else. - ȶιρȿ: [DJ & HOST & DANCERS]: 100% -Paid Weekly salary Different position, different rates ( yes a salary with all your tips ) ▶ ▷: HOURS Needed Filled : 6-8 - 2-HOUR SHIFTS ▶ ▷ яєqяємєηтѕ: - [DJS]: Must voice & Must have own stream & Experienced, Must Promote club and staff during events. - [HOSTS]: Knowledge of Notices [Sending & Attachments], Experienced & Knowledge of invites to groups. Must Promote club and staff during events. - [DANCERS]: Must be able to e-mote well, Must Promote club and staff during events. Also must be able to act as a fill in if a host is needed. - Must be able to work at min 2 shifts a week. ▶ ▷ ιηтєяєѕтє∂? - CONTACT- Ravyn Snowfall OR Demonkitty Lichlore For an Application take a look for yourself aswell. The club is open for everyone. Explore the sim. Ride below. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Verona%20Beach/128/128/19
  9. I need some animations. I can't find what I am am looking for on the marketplace (Full Perm Ceremonial Animations, such as Invoking the Goddess, Supplication, etc etc...) I need the animations or someone who can custom make them for me. You can reply to this message, or look me up inworld: Jeanie Feiri
  10. I tried to hire exotic dancers. They took the $50 & never came back. So I have given up on this project. Dancers are most welcome & encouraged. But you would be dancing only for tips. I will not pay people for not showing up at functions. If you are interested in becoming a dancer for party's, public & private events, I am happy to hear from you. We are an ancient Macedonian sim. We try to have daily events. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & weekends are good days to show up to be entertainers. Contact me inworld: Jeanie Feiri (High Priestess)
  11. Exotic Dancers wanted for ancient Greek sim, Pay would be $50 per event that you attend & dance at. It's exotic dancers the King is looking for, ladies to pole dance & be sexy. Scantily clad & even nude. Most events will be on Fridays & Saturdays. Let me know if you are interested. You would just be an exotic dancer, not one of the Hetaera who offer other services and are required to dance on scheduled days. ~Jeanie Feiri
  12. Hi, Sounds fine. If you can't be committed to a regular schedule, I propose that I hire you by the event (which lasts about an hour). And say pay you $50 per event that you attend & dance at. But it's exotic dancers the King is looking for, ladies to pole dance & be sexy. Scantily clad & even nude. Most events will be on Fridays & Saturdays. Let me know if you are interested. You would just be an exotic dancer, not one of the Hetaera who offer other services and are required to dance on scheduled days. ~Jeanie Feiri
  13. Hi, Im sorry, but I have already filled the position. Thank You for replying though. Good Luck. ~JF
  14. Hi there, I am High Priestess of an ancient Macedonian Greek sim. We are a growing community of friends & RP'ers. Interested in coming by for a visit? http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hellas/18/112/23 High Priestess, Jeanie Feiri
  15. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hellas/18/112/23 This is an ancient Macedonian Greece sim & we are a growing community. Come visit High Priestess, Jeanie Feiri
  16. Hi there, Looking for friends? Interested in ancient Greece? I am part of a growing Macedonian sim & you are welcome to come visit. We are very friendly people & have lots of RP ideas. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hellas/18/112/23 High Priestess, Jeanie Feiri
  17. Hi, Are you interested in ancient Greece? We have a growing Macedonian community with lots of RP opportunities. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hellas/18/112/23 High Priestess, Jeanie Feiri
  18. Hi Jen, What job are you interested in? Look me up inworld & we will see what we can do for you ~Jeanie Feiri
  19. I am the High Priestess of an ancient Macedonian Greek sim & we are looking for women to RP as Hetaerae (description below): A hetaera (singular) or hetaerae (plural) were woman in a special class in ancient Greece who served as companions to men of the wealthy class. These women had special training and were freer than the men's wives who were carefully secluded in the homes. They were very influential and served as social arrangers, advisors, entertainers, and as courtesans. For a hetaera life typically began as a young slave girl. Some were captured in battle and some girls were sold into slavery by impoverished parents. The slave girls that were chosen to become hetaerae were particularly beautiful and talented. Prospective hetaerae were often too expensive for one person to afford so an investment group of three or more investors would buy them. They would then be sent to a hetaerae training school where they would be trained. They would be taught to play a musical instrument, dance, and speak publicly. They would also be taught about philosophy and politics so they could converse intelligently with almost any man. Even before they were done with training they could be hired out as an entertainer. Usually an arrangement was made so that if they made a good return for the investors they would be given their freedom. It was at the point of freedom that they became hetaerae. The hetaerae were the best dressed women in the society. They wore lots of expensive jewelry and the latest fashions. In this RP, the women would be Freed slaves & under the protection of the Temple. In return for the protection, they would be entertainers & dancers, sexually & non sexually, publicly & privately (Rape is forbidden here unless agreed upon by both party's as a RP scenario.) They are free to choose to entertain individual men in exchange for gifts or if a specific man wants to become the Hetaera's permanent protector, he would apply directly to the High Priestess at the Temple & pay a fee for the privilege. There will not be a salary for this job, Hetaerae work for tips & the gifts/money that their patrons pay them. If they are hired to entertain at private party's, they will get to keep all of the money they make. For public entertainment (a requirement of the Temple) they will only work for tips. Blessed Be, Jeanie Feiri http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hellas/18/112/23
  20. Bless You, Bless Your Children & Bless Your Childrens Children... I may not be able to get inworld until monday. I will probably have to work rl a shift & a half tomorrow. But I would like to meet you & hear your ideas. We were supposed to have a dance party today, but my poor planning ... well, it was a bomb. When I get inworld next, I will look for you. Thanks, Jeanie Feiri
  21. I am looking to hire an event planner for the Temple events of our ancient Macedonian Sim. Someone to plan the saturday dances, themes, decorations, games, invitations & advertising of the saturday events. I could afford $300 a week as a wage. Reply to this message or IM me inworld (my IM's go to my email) so that we can meet. High Priestess, Jeanie Feiri
  22. I need to hire a DJ for saturday afternoon dance party's (3pm slt). I can pay $400 per party + you keep all your tips. I would like someone who has a good variety of music & can do requests. Reply to this message or IM me inworld (my IM's go to my email) so that we can meet. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hellas/18/112/23 High Priestess, Jeanie Feiri
  23. If that SLurl doesn't work, try: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hellas/18/112/23 We need women to be Hetaera & I would still like to hire an event planner. High Priestess, Jeanie Feiri
  24. If that SLurl doesnt work, try: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hellas/18/112/23
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