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  1. My questions have been answered thanks.
  2. Is it possible to have the custom shape sliders work on a custom model? I have a humanoid character model that I made, all rigged to it's own join positions n such. The arm length, torso length, etc sliders work, but is there a way to set the sliders for features such as breast size?
  3. Alright thanks for your feedback everyone. I was able to increase the Object bonus of my smaller parcel allowing it more prims while still keeping the rest of my land deeded to the other group.
  4. Is there anyway to set some people to have eject/ban options n stuff still? Or is here a way to increase the number of prims allowed in my smaller parcel that isn't deeded to a group?
  5. Hello I have a question for all of you smart people out there. I have land that is deeded to a group, except one small parcel needs to be set to a different group to allow it to be used for a residential area so only people in that group can build. That small parcel only has a prim limit of about 170 prims. Even though I am the owner of the group that owns the rest of the land, and I also own that small parcel, is there a way to have the prim "pool" of both parcels be combined?Obviously a residential building will take up more than a hundred prims. (I'll mention that this small parcel used to be deeded to my other group but was resold to myself so I could change the group on it) Or I guess another approach would be to set all of the land to myself and then parcel it up (before setting/deeding to any groups) and set it to the different groups. Since I own the land, the different parcels would still draw from the same prim "pool" correct? But I still want the officers in my group to have their security settings. I'm pretty lost here so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. In the end, the result I would like to have is, all of my land be deeded to my main group (so my members can have their privlages) and that small parcel set to a different group, but still draw from the total allowed prims in my region OR at least have enough allowed prims for me to build my apartment complex and have a little room left over for people in that residential group to build in.
  6. Thanks guys for all of your input. I got it to work!
  7. The script saves alright, but the particles don't appear when I run still. Only flying.
  8. First of all, thanks for even bothering to read this! So I have this script that has particles that turm on when I fly. Now I need to make it so they also turn on when I run in addition to flying. I know that the code is AGENT_ALWAYS_RUN, but how do I get it in there along with the AGENT_FLYING? I suppose the best approach would be to have the particle settings on a seperate line that I can just link back to, but since I am still so new to coding, I am having trouble finding the right direction. Any help is appreciated!
  9. Like I asked in my title. Do you need build enabled for weapons like guns to work in a combat sim?
  10. Hello good people! I am having trouble with a script. I have an object that does damage, but apon colliding with an avatar, it dies. My question: Is there a way to stop it from dieing and still do damage? or if not, is there a script that will rez another similar object in it's place once it is destroyed? Please point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  11. Hello good smart people out there! I am wanting to put a script into a prim of lava that will damage people over time as they swim in it. The plan was to have the prim be phantom to allow them to swim in it, but since I don't fully understand scripting yet, I'm not sure if that is even possible. Could some one point me in the right direction for this script please? That would be awesome! Thank you for your time.
  12. Yeah I did some expirimenting and it is working accept for one set. I'll keep playing with it. THanks a million!
  13. Now what direction should I take if I want to take this set of 3 and have more then one set on the same attachement as one object?
  14. Alright I'm giving it a try now and it seems to be working!
  15. Ok, I guess the next question to ask is how to set the prims up so they all rotate with the same center point. RIght now I have 3 hollow cylinders a center one, one slightly bigger , and one bigger than both, all in the same spot so the textures are layered.. The bottom of each are tapered in to make them a cone shape. Do I need to put an invisible prim in the center for them to use as a center point?
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