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  1. Nacy,

    Thanks, I figured it out. Yeah ZSketch is *much* quicker for blocking things out!

    I think I have the basic workflow down for the creation of the mesh part. Now it's down to learning to sculpt better and texturing!

    Thanks again.

  2. So after some pain I finally got a more or less acceptable hair model in zbrush. It had some 300,000 polys however, so I had to decimate it way down. Here is the end result uploaded into SL:

    (not textured yet - I'll play with texturing next)



  3. LOL: couldn't figure out how to get it to a polymesh after I'd played with snakehook tool. I suspect what I'm doing wrong is using the 2.5D snakehook tool. So instead I didn't use Zspheres. I redid it with standard spheres and cones etc and then used the snakehook brush which applies to mesh in edit mode. I also used the move tool and the rake tool. I subdivved the individual subtools to div 4 or 5. This is what I have so far. Ugly but it's a work in progress that feels like it's moving in the right direction.



  4. Nacy,

    Thanks so much for the tip on how you made your hair!

    I haven't been able to do anything so far except (finally!) got a bunch of zspheres drawn onto an SL Avatar head but I'm going to stubbornly hack at it until I get something that resembles a hairstyle and then hack at spotlight till I figure out how to texture. Here's as far as I got till now:zsphereshair-firstcut-1.jpg


  5. From the looks of this, it's also RC Le Tigre:



    • This is the "mesh-prep 2" project. scheduled 2011-06-29
    • We have taken the latest development changes from the mesh development branch and merged them in with this code. This gets us closer to releasing mesh.
      • Included are infrastructure and framework changes to support the release of mesh.
      • This release does not include any mesh functionality.
  6. And here is the hair. I know. It's pretty bad, but I'm sure after doing another ten of them I'll get better. I still haven't added any flexi-prims to it. So far it more or less looks like crappy low-end sculpty hair but I'm a beginner so what the heh LOL

    So each of the main pieces are subtools (zbrush equivalent of individual sculpties) on which I used mostly the move brush and occasionally the standard brush. I also imported a SL avatar head in obj and resized the mesh round it to give me some scale on the SL head for reference. Then I tried to bend the mesh round the head using the move brush and also the matchmaker brush to try to deform the various subtools better round the head mesh. Then I deleted the head mesh subtool out of the subtool list and used subtool master to merge all of the tools into a single subtool. Then I made a 1024 pixel UV map, set UV map to map-planar and used Zsculpty collada exporter. The version you see in the SL side of the photo is a sculpty version rather than the collada version, also exported with Zsculpty because it works with both. I need to seriously bring up my sculpting skills though but whatever, it's all good fun in the beginning. I think I have the workflow basically down now. Just need lots and lots and lots of practise.



  7. OK Here's the gun I made.  I used shadowbox for the complicated bits and a cylinder tool for the front part which I masked and alternately inflated. I used lazy mouse and backtrack snap to track for the grooves along with a small brush size on the standard brush. Where there were irregularities I subdivided the mesh up to div 4 and smoothed out there to get better control. Likewise I subdivved it up to that level for better control with the mask and deformation-> inflate.

    Then I merged all the subtools into a single tool.

    At the end of it all I had a pretty cool though a bit amateurish model (not bad for a first serious attempt though) but with way too many polys at something like 700,000 polys. So I used decimation master to cut the poly count down to to 65 K, after which I exported it all to collada with zsculpty plugin. I textured it just with a black color in SL. I'll get into texturing later once I am reasonably good at sculpting.



  8. So I think I can put the lie to those who say that Mesh creation will be in the "exclusive hands of an elite bunch of creators".

    Two months ago I never had even made a single sculpty and had barely been able to build a bunch of prims.

    Using zbrush has been a hard slog to learn over the last two months but yesterday I made a reasonable facsimile of an assault rifle and uploaded it to the mesh grid. 

    I've also made some sculpty hair which is a lot worse looking that the rifle but I want to be able to do hard surface modeling as well as organics so hair and guns lol

    Anyways if I can do it anybody can. I *so* can't wait till mesh comes to the big grid.



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  9. OK so we have two versions: one is it won't work unless you use an alpha and wear the mesh on top of your default avatar body. The other is yes it will work.

    Here's a question: how do animations of the face e.g. the mouth work right now if there are no bones in the face?

    My assumption was the SL default armature includes bones for the face. If not, how do the emote animations work then?


  10. re: IFMesh is much more expensive then nobody will use it

    That's not necessarily true, neither in RL nor in SL.

    There are various factors including but not limited to: how much will people value mesh once it has been uploaded?

    The two reasons why people would still upload mesh even though it's more expensive that immediately spring to mind are that creators can sell way more copies and that even if they are more expensive and demand is low, people will still buy them for builds because they effectively get more vertices for their buck.


  11. I realize that if you use a mesh which is different from the standard SL avatar mesh then although you will be able to use SL animations, you lose the ability to emote the face of the new mesh.

    So a question occurred to me:

    If you use a new mesh for the body and cut and splice the SL avatar head on and then add the SL armature to it, would the emote animations still work given that you're using the SL avatar head mesh?

  12. You're splitting hairs.

    In archipelis you load a picture in as a texture and draw a lasso round the part you want made into a mesh and it extracts a mesh which you can either convert to a sculpty or various other mesh formats.

    The difference of course is that the photofly process is automatic, but it's hardly difficult to draw a lasso round a photograph as in archipelis either.

  13. Hi Myra,

    I'm only a little bit further ahead than you (and I bet your photoshop skills are probably better than mine!).

    Anyways here's my 2c. There is such a thing as "specialization of labor". You don't need to be a jack-of-all-trades.

    Neither prims, nor textures nor sculpties nor flexi-prims will go away with the advent of mesh. There will still be need for all of them. The coming of sculpties and flexi-prims didn't eliminate the old painted-on-the-avatar texture clothing. On the contrary, there's nothing worse than a prim or a sculpty or a flexi-hair which is poorly textured.

    That said it's really up to you what you decide to specialize in. Mesh will not wipe out anybody, it will expand the marketplace instead.

    Currently as far as I understand it there are skin makers who are pure texture artists (skins are made out of three textures one for the head one for the body and one for the legs). You can still make clothing in the same way - pure texture clothing and there are still many artists offering excellent textured clothing (surf couture springs to mind here).

    Additionally there are sculpted prim add-ons for clothing - sculpties are really just small meshes which are stitched together. If anything sculpties are *harder* to do than meshes in my opinion because of the stitching up part.

    For shoes there is a need for both textures and sculpted prims.

    For hair, hair is usually made of a combination of regular prims (contorted!!), sculpties and flexi-prims. Again there is a need for texture artists here as there is plenty of UGLY UGLY hair caused by poor texturing.

    I'm no tarot-reader but I can imagine the first uses for meshes will be lower lag higher detailed replacements for multi-part sculpty linksets. So instead of having 120 sculpties to make a shoe you might have one mesh instead. Likewise for hair I suspect that instead of say 100 sculpties and 50 flexiprims we will see instead 1 mesh and 50 flexiprims.


    In all cases there will still be need for good texture artists.


    My 2c.


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  14. I downloaded the mesh project viewer last night (13th june) with the intention of continuing to upload some zbrush meshes I've made as well as AC3D and mirye shade 10 meshes I'd converted but no joy.

    The viewer gives a bright white screen and crashes the Nvidia driver.

    My machine is reasonably high spec so it ought not to be a hardware limitation:

    It's an NVIDIA 460GTX 1.5 GB RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium,  8GB of RAM, i7 Quad Core Sandy Bridge. 

    So... I don't know if anyone else has reported this or if there's a jira or what?




  15. Yeah me too.

    It worked for about 10 minutes last night when I spoke to you but then I logged out and came back in about a half hour and it gave me a white screen and "nvidia driver crashed and has recovered" or something similar. I'm not going to be using this particular incarnation of the viewer because I'm afraid for my graphics card. 

  16. 10 prim mesh sphere vs 1 prim sculpty or prim sphere?


    That's very easy. If you try to sculpt a sculpty sphere it only has 1024 polys. The mesh sphere on the other hand could have many many more than that. So when sculpting, the level of detail you can get in a mesh is far, far higher. 

    People are confusing an arbitrary "prim cost" with effectiveness and efficiency of rendering. 


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