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  1. I'm not sure Kate but I would be interested to see if anything more realistic is released once Bento is out in full. With the extra attachments etc... it would be interesting to see an actual pregnancy w more realistic stages in utero with possible actual other avs. Idk just a thought,,,, why not? Good luck finding what you're looking for. I think until animations too become easier and more realistic looking..were sort of all stagnant and less stuff is pushed out X/
  2. Hi there I'm just reading- If one would like to reach me inworld because I've recently moved to a homestead - light commercial style sim and have had a stable for a little while actually. For a bit I've had a prop horse there thinking and hoping for one day finding some rp in this way or that with those who may be wanting. I am on and off alot. Some weeks and months much more than others. I'm in my 30s and easy going, open minded...and lived lots of lives I feel. Depending on my day and mood, I very may or may not have a lot of patience espc when it comes to arrogant individuals or those who are shallow or selfish. I personally come to sl to leave the mundane and yet haven't ventured too far. I've played since 3-08 and am and have always been independant and self sufficient. But, companionship, partnership, and learning/adventure are experiences I prefer and like and would look forward to having too "inworld". But.. where to start from this? Looking forward to possibly hearing from you! Jmichle Bedrosian
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