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  1. yes these servers suck ass. they arre causing all kinds of problems with racing and causes vehiclles to make undesired movements and causes then to get stuck in ground, hop, skip, and just completely makes it so annoying. please stop producing servers that aren't needed the ones that were out were fiine enough, so for once LL's god damn LISTEN TO PEOPLE and stop causing everyone trouble, and do something right for a change and stop fooliing with things you people don't know about? meaning " IF ITS NOT BROKEN, DON'T FIX IT!!" got it!
  2. i so agree, this magnum server makes it hard to drive in sl, or race. makes my vehicles get stuck in the ground and causes them to do unwanted movements, such as hopping and causing problems. so yes please don't take these new servers anyfurther, they are terrible and will end up killing all racing in sl. so please LL's for once damnit "LIDSTEN" to people. **bleep**!!
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