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    For the past week I have been unable to post events that I am responsible for. Since I updated to the newest Firestorm SL is telling me I have posted as many as I am allowed. I haven't posted anything in over two weeks
  2. When i was having an issue this turned out to be the problem .. There was a security alert put on my card that prevented me from doing business with lindenlabs.. i had no problems doing any other financial business. This option was not put forward to me to look into so i am just passing the info along.
  3. hi.. k I have been to bank and contacted VISA .. apparently was a FRAUD ALERT put on my card in regards to secondlife.. It has been removed but I still cant put my visa card on again.. I really need to get this working, As I am deaf I can only use text messaging ..
  4. i have tried to get more money into my account thru my visa that i had used for years... Till today it was no problem... The card is not expired.. I deleted the info and tried to put it back onto my account but it will not accept it... I have been a premium member for 11 years... I want to play..
  5. i am also having trouble downloading the viewers as my computer keeps telling me it has virus. it is doing this no matter what i try to download. i have tried downloading it with a clean slate and it still does not work
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