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  1. Hippie Bowman wrote: Hippie fixes Xilion a drink. Make yourself comfortable! Peace! Ooh, can I have a Disaronno? The weekend has started for me, so it's time to relax
  2. Lia Abbot wrote: Hi Xilion. Come sit by the fire How nice of you! *sits down*
  3. /me feels strangely violated >_>; *chuckle* naw, that's ok. It's what it's there for, eh? :3
  4. Heh, well I figured that, being in SL since 2006, it's about time I put myself to helping out a little on the forums. Never hurts to have a nutty corner to joke around a little from time to time. Nice to meet you all! :smileylol: Do I need to do a hello-i-am-mr-something-and-i-live-in-somewhere-and-i-do-stuff post? Also! Here's a pic of what google seems to return as the most awesome picture on the internet:
  5. If I might make a small contribution to today's history: 1700 - Born: Daniel Bernoulli,Dutch-Swiss Mathematician and Phycisist. 1828 - Born: Jules Verne, French Writer and pioneer in the sciencefictiongenre. 1931 - Born: James Dean, American Actor. Yay, James Dean \o/
  6. Well... just had to post here, too :') So... even if you sometimes feel like the picture above... Have a great day, today, and tomorrow! One love, everyone (> ^^)> *hug* <(^^ <)
  7. That looks very serene Is it open to visitors or is it your private lil' hideaway?
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