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  1. If I use scripts to provide access to items that only exist within the scripted services I provide, am I allowed to modify said scripts to remove said items from the possession of users who use that script. Exmaple. I own a ROLEPLAY Sim with its own combat and inventory system. I allow L$ donations for access to a random item from the entire collection. If a user puts themselves into a situation where their character is killed, am I allowed to remove or prohibit access to these items that were gained in exchange for a L$ donation? Key word here is donation.
  2. Whenever I log into Phoenix Firestorm, it crashes my entire internet connection. I can still use Second Life as normal, but any web browsing anyone else on the network attempts (Including myself) does not work. A ping request returns "Server could not be found" when I try to ping, for example, Google. (PING WWW.GOOGLE.COM -T) Without paraentheses. Any ideas? Edit: The bandwidth isn't the problem. I have Firestorm limited to 500 kbps, and this even happens when I restrict it down to 200 kbps. Here's a step by step walk through of the problem, best as I have figured: 1) I log into Second Life. 2) Internet browsing across the network begins failing 3) Ping test shows "Server could not be found" 4) Reboot the router 5) Internet browsing returns to normal across the network; second life functional and working. So as you can see, every time I log into Second Life it causes me a bit of a headache. I'll show you guys the event logs in a few moments, but for now have this update. Edit 2: WindowsWcpOtherFailure3 is the only error I have found. I'll do some research on this myself, but please if you can help me along, feel free.
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