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  1. Insane.. my magic box is lost its not there anymore..all about this is crap..
  2. Lost half my inventory during a move from one sim to another early 2009.....25 K items Afterwards I found out LL were doing something and Sl was unstabel. Did it all including sending a lot of conversations with LL..its still just gone..
  3. Congrats then !I just hope ours and yours will stay in the game. best way is maybe to recommed it to others Zig
  4. Do you mean you first bought it for xxx LS and then you pay tiers xxx LS or better called "rent " to the seller ?=Estate We have lived one year now on a homestead sim, very stable group of sims. Costed nothing to have and we only pay rent for it. Same amount of prims as you have,no lag and a lot of space. All waters around these sims are shared so u can sail fly or do whatever around them. So you dont have to "buy" at all ..Just pay the box and its yours to rent (but you own nothing ...)And choose the sim with care.
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