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  1. Hello, same thing here. Our nice flowerfields (oblong sculptys) stay as a spheres. Other sculptys do rezz normal, just the extreme streched ones doesent. I was searching in the SL Bug - Tracker (jira) but did not find any reported issue fitting the problem so far. Maybe VWR-24227 is similar, but i guess it is not the same reason. So, if anyone (with more time and better english skill´s than my one) wants to verify and clear the problem out I would be glad. It does happen with the 2.7.5 (233981) Jun 27 2011 09:26:17 (Second Life Beta Viewer). At our shop (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Buncrana/194/148/1390) you can see flowerfields who do rezz next to more streched ones which does not.
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