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  1. Yep, that's all I wanted to do with it. Found the answer too, voice activated gestures.
  2. Nvm, got my answer. Voice activated gestures. That's all I was looking for. The fact that gestures is the easiest way to get SL to recognise that voice is being used is probably why it wasn't mentioned in any of the scripting help.
  3. YES. Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for. I looked up into gestures and found the triggers: /voicelevel1/voicelevel2/voicelevel3 Funny how they're so useful to scripts, but there isn't a whisper of them in the scripting sections.
  4. Whooooa. Chill out. No need to break out the unnecessary sarcasm, I was asking an honest question. I've seen voice activated AO's being used by people who don't know one end of a script from the other before, so I know there is an entirely in-world way of detecting voice. All I wanted to know was how to do it. Also, for someone who's allegedly been professionally programming for longer than I've been alive, poking fun at my username was a pretty childish response.
  5. It's for a prim head, like is used on furry avatars - this is why I need a script function or event. It's to go in an attachment. And like I said, there is a way to do it because I've seen voice activated stuff before.
  6. I just wanted to know, what's the function or event I need to call on to have a script respond to voice in any way shape or form? The purpose is to have a mouth texture on a prim head change when the wearer speaks on voice. Normally I wouldn't touch voice in a script with a ten foot pole, but I'm getting paid for it you see And before some wiseguy starts saying "there's no such function, scripts can't react to voice" - there is. I know there is because I've seen people wearing them. I just want to know what's that one line of code that introduces any sort of reaction to voice into the script - most likely a boolean integer - and after that I can handle it. I've been trawling numerous LSL wikis for over an hour, and the best I came across was a few prospective functions that were going to introduce a text-to-speech and speech-to-text engine.
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