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  1. Howdy y'all. The Stagecoach Country Venues, which include The Stagecoach Country Club, and The Stagecoach Inn; Restaurant and Lounge are looking for DJ's and Live Entertainers to fill all open shifts. If you would like to apply, please come to the club and grab an application on the wall over the Bull Riding Machine. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at Stagecoach Country! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aldebaran/208/158/25
  2. This is an awesome fix and works, but is there a way to delete the phony Merchant Outbox Folder so you can just use the Merchant Outbox Window?
  3. I am hoping for a solution to this issue as well. I have created a MP store, and followed the instructions explicitely. I have even tried to use both Firestorm as well as the SL Viewer. On all occasions, my Merchant Outbox says that it completed uploading, however the items remain in the outbox, and nothing appears in my Merchant Listings on the MP Merchant Homepage. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. I've recently created a Marketplace store. I have tried NUMEROUS times to upload my inventory using the Merchant Outbox in both Firestorm and in the SL Viewer. On all occasions, my Merchant Outbox tells me that all the items have been successfully loaded, however the items remain in the outbox and do not appear in the Manage Listings area of my Marketplace Merchant Home. Can anyone tell me what the issue might be?
  5. I am very disappointed that LL has locked down the WIKI pages.
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