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  1. Been mucking around with the avatar workbench in Blender 2.6x trying to figure out rigging - starting with a simple mini skirt. I applied custom weights to the mHipLeft and mHipRight vertex groups the rest of the groups as far as I can tell all seem to be set to 0. When I try to import my dae , in the preview it looks fine at first, but when I check 'Include Skin Weights' parts of the mesh seem to disappear - it kind of looks like only the parts that I applied the custom weights too are there. I'm just winging the weights thing so I have likely done something wrong - any idea why faces would dissapear once the include skin weight was checked? Thanks in advance, Fi
  2. I'm using the Second Life developer Viewer in Mesh Sandbox 2 on Agni trying to upload a mesh for the first time (on this grid). It previews fine when I view it in the uploader. But when I press the Calculate Weights & Fee it just seems to hang forever - the upload button never lights up - anyone know what I am I missing?
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