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  1. Oh Suella! That would be super if you would mention it to Pink...tell them I have had a ticket in about this for a LOOOONNNNGGGG time! Thank you so much. This should work!
  2. Hi Ron, I'm using Firefox I've updated an deleted, and clicked and renewed, nothing seems to be working right. This started on the first day of the changeover. Sigh
  3. Sigh, Sorry Corina I just tried your suggestion a couple times and no luck at all
  4. HI all,   I sent a bug report into LL's and its still pending in there, but this was like two months ago!  I can't delete anything our of my favorites, and if I buy something from that list, it doesn't delete itself either.  I have over 50 items in there now!  LOL I thought I'd get help from LL by now, but no luck. Someone had a suggestion a while back that might work for me, but whatever it was, it didn't help. Any more ideas AND anybody else having this same problem?
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