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  1. I have checked both the region access tab and the parcel access tab, will you be more specific please? I don't see on either menu where to put an avatar age in to prevent 5 minute old accounts from griefing people. https://gyazo.com/812c501ebd696a2cf9e1bb12b6a622e0 https://gyazo.com/800824e1c47c1fef26c96a9b8f18f67c
  2. Hello all, thank you for your interest in this thread. I know there is a way to restrict visitors to the sim according to how old their account is. I am using Firestorm and have searched both the region menu and parcel menu but can't locate where that setting is now. Can anyone tell me how to keep 1 day old griefer accounts off the sim please? Thank you for your time and have a wonderful night/day.
  3. Greetings, I would like to meet just one man who is capable of being transparently honest and understands what having integrity means. I am looking for a long-term D/s relationship that hopefully, one day will lead to an RL relationship of the same kind. I am very serious about the BDSM lifestyle and am not interested in role players or tops. If you are not sure of the difference between a top and a dominant, we are not compatible. I am 50 and single in RL so I would like to meet a man who is over 50 years of age. I live in Ontario Canada and don't mind relocating but we must be close enough to meet in RL if you are interested in going in that direction. I am quiet when I am in the unknown but can be very playfully mischevious. I do not regress in age and enjoy the softer side of things. I am not into pain and am more about the D/s aspect of the lifestyle than about the kink.I am fiercely loyal, completely faithful, transparently honest, completely obedient and give until I have nothing left to give. I need lots of affection but I need someone who is unyielding, never back off, never back down, patiently firm and consistent. I am not interested in a poly family and I expect to be treated with respect. If you think we may be compatible, please contact me and I will be most happy to explore possibilities with you. If you don't think we are compatible, then I wish you the very best in all you do and hope that you find happiness. I do appreciate your time and attention in reading this and hope you have a wonderful day :-)
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