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  1. This issue is fixed, linden lab solved the problem. Thank you jordanit0 for your time
  2. Problema resolvido pela linden lab
  3. This issue is fixed, linden lab solved the problem. Thank you jordani0 for your time
  4. Thanks Jordanit0 for answer me. I just changed my e-mail paypal in second life and in paypal account but i think the issue is in second life because still show me my old e-mail in second life when i will set amount money to process credit Sorry for my bad english languange.
  5. Hello guys, I'm trying to carry out a process credit but I'm not getting. I changed my e-mail recently, I had a hotmail but it stopped working, so I created an e-mail outlook.com, he signed up on paypal and here in Second Life, but when the process credit money was for hotmail (the email that no longer exists). This e-mail hotmail still appears on the screen process credit when we enter the value of the USD to be sent to paypal, I already changed the billing information. I think the problem is here in second life, already asked for help to linden lab, but did not solve anything. Please help me, if someone knows what is happening. Thank you.
  6. Olá pessoal, estou tentando efetuar um process credit porém não estou conseguindo. Eu mudei meu e-mail recentemente, eu tinha um hotmail porém ele parou de funcionar, então criei um e-mail do outlook.com, cadastrei ele no paypal e aqui no second life, porém quando efetuei o process credit o dinheiro foi pro hotmail(o e-mail que não existe mais). Esse e-mail do hotmail ainda aparece na tela do process credit no momento em que a gente digita o valor dos USD a ser enviado para o paypal, só q eu ja mudei o billing information. Acredito que o problema seja aqui no second life, ja pedi ajuda pra linden lab, mais ta foda, não resolveram nada. Peco ajuda, caso alguem saiba oque está acontecendo. Obrigado.
  7. Hello everyone, im needing some help about a link I received in chat box in world about bester partner, this is the link http://www.xchange4ls.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=133&lang=de/ I'd like to know if is this a haker link or is this a legal link? Thanks for the time.
  8. I have money in my paypal account but I dont have credit card, is there anyway to buy lindens using that paypal account? OBS: I live in Brazil
  9. I bought a GeForce GTX 460 and it said that doesnt tested by second life, plz adapt second life to that video card
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