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  1. Prices have come down in Rosalia Island! Both smaller islands and quarter sims come with land permission including media, banning, access, etc. 4096 sq m islands with fully furnished homes come with a 1000 prim allowance on top of the existing home. Rentals are L$ 750 per week, with the 5th week free when you pay for 4 weeks at a time. Quarter-sims (16,384 sq m) are for sale for $ 999, with a tier of $ 3,999 per week. These include 5,000 prims for use on the island. There is a PayPal option, as well. Terraforming can be done with estate owner permission. http://maps.secondlife.
  2. Price reduced to L$ 4,499 per week for 16,384 sq meter. PayPal payment options are available. The other half of the sim is for 8 large residences and the rental center only, which is located about 2500m over one of residences. This is a quiet, new sim (I've been in-world since 2007, but this is my first real venture in SL real estate). Land rights include audio, media, banning, reselling of land, and terraforming. If you have any questions, shoot a message or drop a notecard to Alida Tomsen.
  3. Rosalia Island has both 4096 and 16,384 parcels available. Available today: Four 4096 parcels with fully-furnished homes. Includes audio, media, and access permissions. L$ 900/week. Includes an additional 1000 prims. Two 16,384 parcels for residential, commercial, or light-club use. Includes audio, media, access, and terraforming permissions. $ 4,449 purchase cost with $ 4,449 weekly tier. Includes 5000 prims. Questions? Message Alida Tomsen. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rosalia Island/42/42/2504
  4. Looking for a quiet place to retreat to at the end of the day? Rosalia Island is a quiet place to call home. Fully furnished homes and skyboxes with generous prim allowances. Residential only - no clubs or shops. Residents have full control over the media on their parcels. Homes come equipped with viewers for streaming media set up by residents. 2 story furnished skyboxes L$500/week (2048 parcel) Fully furnished homes L$1000/week (4096 parcel) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rosalia Island/225/32/39 Have questions? Let me know! Send a message to Alida Tomsen. I am
  5. As I was going to pay one avatar, a second signed on and received the L$ 2200 instead. They are studiously ignoring my request to handle it politely like adults. Is there a process for this or am I out of luck thanks to the oddities of the contact list?
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