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  1. what are you even speaking i understood nothing of your what ever .... you wrote... did you let your cat on your keyboard ?
  2. ok i used to have no issues with how much i brought. i never went over an amount and things were fine now it wont even accept my ccd. and aparently i have a limit in how much i spend? when did they change this? [please dont give me help or link me to pages] i dont want a computer responce. i just want to know when the credit was changed. i know they brought a new polocy in recently was it then? cos its darn hard for me to even spend over 60$ usd...really... if you had this issue what do i do? i cant do anything with id. due to personal issues. i dont know why i cant get more lindens due to being premium - you would think you would have a better limit.
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