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  1. Thanks Theresa. There was an ISP issue that we got cleared up *yay* :matte-motes-big-grin:
  2. I'm here tonight researching this problem for my partner (Karra Garnet), who has been unable to connect for about a week. She has a fully patched Win 7 home 64 bit OS on an ASUS gaming computer. I have a similar rig and have no difficulties connecting to our home sim or any other. She is on Comcast for an internet connection. She has full administrative rights. She can access the dashboard and can see friends online at secondlife.com She cannot connect to second life using the current versions of the Secondlife viewer, Phoenix viewer or Firestorm viewer. Not only can she not log in, she does not get the data that populates the fields such as "Events" on the login screen before you even enter a user name. She gets blank space where the information images normally load. In Firestorm, for example, she can only see the Firestorm specific information in the last information section in the upper left - the first 3 or 4 (the ones that normally display SL info) are blank. She can't log in as an alt. She can't log in by directly typing a sim name instead of last location or home. She also cannot view items in SL Marketplace. She can get into the marketplace, just can't access the underlying data. We can't find any other connectivity issues with other sites, and we tried a bunch. We've done complete uninstalls and clean reinstalls on all viewers, with registry cleaning and removal of info in the "Users" directory, to no avail. Cleaned cache. She can ping secondlife.com from the "Run" command line, and the connection is fast. No recent changes to anything. She is running AVG antivirus - there don't appear to be issues there, but maybe I don't know what to look for in this instance. Same with the windows firewall. And if it's a firewall issue, why is pinging secondlife.com working? I'm completely stumped and nearly brain dead after trying everything I can think of over a period of several days. Anyone have any ideas? It would be nice to at least get on for Christmas. Thanks Nick
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