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  1. So a few months ago as I was looking to TP to a store I found I was region banned, I don't cause problems so this was EXTREMELY confusing to me and I was told it may have something to do with rolling restarts and to wait until those happened. Well days go by and I'm finding that this certain region ban just so happens to be owned by someone whom most people buy their lands from, meaning I'm banned from MOST of my favorite stores. I wait a week and then another and after a while I decide to contact the region owner. At this point in time I've found that not only me, but 3 other of my friends AND 1 person I am connected with but not friends with have also ALL been banned from the same regions. None of this have ever created trouble, or were we ever given a reason for the ban, not to mention I had JUST become friends with the 3 ONE WEEK prior to being banned. So I contact the Region owner as the spokes person for all of us, first through IM and don't hear a response so contact again through notecard. The Region owner contacts me back telling me she'd "Look into it" and would get back with me. A week goes by then 2, and she has yet to contact me, so I sent her ANOTHER Notecard and wait. AND AGAIN she doesn't contact me. By this time I've already started to contact the store owners individually so they can get me unbanned from their stores and I decide this is the way to go and just leave it alone. Well today I've officially had it. I tried to TP into a store that I had been unbanned from and low and behold I was banned one again. There as been NO reason for it and its ONCE AGAIN a region ban. I'm not willing to let this go at this time and need solid answers as to how to handle this situation. I have only bought land from this region owner 1 time over a year ago and had no prior issues. I let the land go and haven't used them since. I've never caused problems on any sims they owned and never got a reason for why I'm banned. This is becoming ridiculous.
  2. So I sold have my L through Lindex and still haven't recieved my USD credit for them. I was told thats how I was able to transfer my L into my bank account, but now im afraid to do it again because thats 40 dollars I made and now have lost. How long does it take to process usually. it's definitely been over a week.
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