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  1. Basically after following the steps, here's what I have... Blender fully upgraded. Then I have the Appending files: Set the active layer... Add Domino's object files as "Append"... Adding the 2 missing bone groups... Bone Weight Addon... System preferences with selecting the CUDA and graphics card... Wavefront is enabled as well. I also did NOT have to delete the extra bone "wings" or also in the tutorial referred to as "handle thingies" as they are just not there to worry about. Moving items to layer 2 and keeping layer 1 active... Notice, the cursor is still set to (0,0,0). Importing saved mesh shape... Marking seams and removing doubles... Parenting... And then to rotate the mesh to test parenting... And yes I've gone through and have done all the smaller steps too, such as saving when you're supposed to save, and then reopening while UNCHECKING the box "Load UI" etc, etc, etc......don't know what's happening. At a loss now....
  2. I tried this tutorial (link at bottom), the first time through I got to page 6. Suddenly got to the part about selecting the mHip part in the vertex groups, and all of those were gone this first time through. So I said, I'll download the latest Blender, which is 2.65. I went through the tutorial again, and now I'm stuck on getting the head, torso, and legs mesh to parent to the armature. Its not working, nothing I try is working. I've been dying to learn mesh and do this finally, and the tutorial seem to be the best that I can find, just don't get what I'm doing wrong. The first time through it, I had the armature parented to the mesh parts and it worked fine, just lost the vertex group items. Just don't get what's happening. I've done the step by step thouroughly 6-7 times now and still fails. The tutorial states "Select the head, THEN select the armature, hit CTRL+P to parent them together, in the drop down menu that pops up, select Armature Deform" and its not working now after that upgrade. If you could help anything further, that would be great. Thanks! http://blog.nalates.net/2012/05/20/second-life-mesh-clothes-blender-2-6-setup-2012-tutorial/1/ I will be posting back pictures of screenshots of everything I'm doing as I do it correclty and tell me if I'm doing it wrong.
  3. Well if you're also wearing it when you first log in, its more simple than just using another viewer. Just go to Advance up at the top, Character > Character Tests > Male Test/Female Test.......then add back all your normal things, such as hair, clothing, shape, skin, AO, etc......then search your inventory for RUTHHAIRFIX and delete it, and PURGE IT! This helped me and I don't get that file anymore when I log in. Its a bug file given secretly through freebie items. Just delete it after you change into your other normal things and you'll be fine WITHOUT needing to log into another viewer.
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