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  1. @Qie Niangao Not at all silly, very interesting actually. I wonder where all this silly social media will end up. So many people wandering around fixed on their mobiles. It's a crazy world.
  2. @HeathcliffMontague Not Canadian.. European yes.. Born and bred in UK, now in Spain. I don't think meta cares for any nationality really, do they? 🙃
  3. All it is,is saving a link to a place in SL, through a FB group that i am interested in, whether it be an event or a store etc. Just a link to that particular place so I can go back to it
  4. Quite agree Nalates, just that I never had a problem before, seems strange
  5. Just recently I have saved a few Facebook posts pertaining to Second Life using my mobile. When I log into Facebook on my PC they are not there. This has started just recently. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem?
  6. OOps..Maybe i messed up my reply..Thanks everyone for the input..I appreciate it!
  7. Thank you so much for your input boys and girls..I really appreciate it!
  8. Hi.. I tried the Legacy body demo and I noticed my avi seemed to be *breathing*... Her chest seemed to be moving up and down.. I'm sure I had no AO on, And I was on a pose stand which doesn't have this..Can anyone tell me is this a feature of the body or not? Thank you in advance.
  9. He is using the latest firestorm viewer.
  10. Hi Whirly. .Yes we have tried relogging, refreshing, changing group and back..even logging into protected land and still he can't see the role.
  11. Hi Whirly. .Yes we have tried relogging, refreshing, changing group and back..even logging into protected land and still he can't see the role.
  12. hi...I want to add a person as owner on my land..I can add him but when it comes to adding a role, I can see it is there but he can not change to the new role, the option is greyed out.He left the group and rejoined as the new role but then could not see the owner option. I have no idea what is wrong..The group is deeded to the land..Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I don't recall complaining about a free gift..please point out where I complained..I came here to ask advice about a product as I knew very little about it..As I said earlier we both love the Avi..Neither of us can afford the full product and yes, who does not like a bargain? I certainly didn't come here to be called a freeloader or have my character assasinated..This is the last post on this subject..Good luck to you and your business, I wish you well. And thanks for the help everyone.
  14. firstly..the group's I saw it in, it was not advertised as a demo..secondly, there is no alpha HUD in the package, so clothes are not useable as there are gaps everywhere..I and my husband are both in the group of which there is no chat for support, and thirdly we love the Avi but without an alpha HUD it remains unusable.
  15. Thank you all so much for your replies, it looks like a demo then...although no mention of it..It was worth a try as he is new to mesh bodies, this would have been his first...and i agree totally about demo's..before splashing out thousand of Lindens. Thank you again...All very helpful.
  16. Hi...my hubby has picked up the gift of an exmachina mesh body...it looks awesome but, there is no alpha hud in the pack and when he wears say...pants...there are major gaps to be seen.. There is no chat in the group available so i wondered if anyone has come across this before...Thank you in advance. Soobs
  17. Hi..I tried a pair of demo applier eyes on my catwa kimberley bento head. I decided I liked the rigged eyes that came in the package better. Now I can't remove the applier demos and replace with the rigged ones. Any advice would be appreciated.
  18. Ok..Thanks for your answers guys..I will try them and see how i go.. Cheers ?
  19. I beg your pardon? There are 2 people in the group and what is this answers forum?
  20. Hi..Forgive if I missed this anywhere.. I am in an sl group with one other person, the group owner is no longer in sl or in the group..I now want to leave the group but I get the message...unable to leave group. Is there a way around this please? Thank you for any help.
  21. Thank you Lucifyra for that, i will check it out. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  22. Bobbie.. I will check that she saves all before attempting to create a notice.. Whirly this a new group member so not a promotion as you suggested it maybe.. Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions.
  23. Thank you Bobbie..I checked all those things and all seem correct...I am still unsure of what the problem is. I'm sure it will be something so simple, but thanks for the suggestions. The fault must be on her side as everything is fine in the staff group. All the correct box's are ticked...literally lool. Again thank you
  24. Hi..I am a director in a club on s.l. and one of my hosts says she cannot send group notices to the v.i.p group. She is showing in staff group as able to do so, i can see nothing wrong there. She left and rejoined both groups ..but still says she cant send. Now i am stuck as to what go do. Does anyone have any suggestions. .i woild be most grateful. .Thanks..Sooby
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