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  1. thanks, still don't know why that release kept wanting me to install it every time I logged on but the clean install worked to solve the issue. I can now use multiple viewer windows and it seems to be satisfied with the 3.6.13 version now. Most happily I am not plagued by having to install the 3.6.12 version every time I log on.
  2. I log on everyday on more than one av. I have had this problem only since the mandatory update came out a few days ago. I oven have two windows of sl running at the same time and now cannot as when I open the second window it forces me to download the update which closes the first window on installation. I did find in set up where I can request to download updates manually but this has no effect on the particular update. It forces this download and new install every time. I have done this now more than fifty times in the past couple of days testing a variety of settings and still it is not resolved.
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