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  1. If you're trying to get a mouth on an avatar to move, you need to go into advanced and chose to have the avatar lips move when you speak. I dont think there's a special script to do that. It's already in SL as an advanced option.
  2. Actually the last person that I "know" was banned, when they were banned, they were no longer avialable in search. They appeared on peoples friends lists but in search they do not come up. Unless something has changed since, try that.
  3. I'm not sure why it's happening but I know someone that used to run SL fine with no problems and used to take photos all the time. Since an upgrade on the Windows Service pack it's crashing nearly every time they take photos. I'm not sure what it is other than annoying and possibly an issue with a service pack.
  4. To remove an item that was created on the avatar, or any item worn for that fact. Go into INVENTORY. Then at the top in the search field type: WORN. That will tell you everything that is worn on you. Things you are wearing are BOLD WHITE type. you should be able to find anything you want to take off in that manner.Then you click the item you want to remove in the inventory and chose take off in the pull down list.
  5. I dont think that some people are actually reading all of the information. Franny said that SL has worked before using this card and system. It's NOW telling her there's an error. What you might try doing Franny is going into your add hardware in the SETTINGS then go into CONTROL panel. There you should be able to chose add hardware. or update hardware. Chose your video card and follow the instructions from there. Being that you've got VISTA it's more than likely that your video card driver is in the choices that are preloaded. Just either update the driver when it asks or have it search for the correct or compatable driver. If that fails try going to the net and search for a site called DRIVER ZONE. That is ultra safe and supported by the major software/hardware creators.
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