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  1. Hi, sold lindes and processed the credit to my paypal acout and didn't get the money, what can I do? The lindens are off my account but never get the money.
  2. Hello, I was thinkin in 700 UD and i will take care of all Linden expenses for changing names and such.
  3. I have a full state for full transfer sell, island with no neighbors. I can help and adapt to the needs of the interested person for free, I'm quite good builder, please get in touch, you may see it in http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/NEXE/156/115/28 See you in world
  4. QB Yiyuan

    Sell a region.

    I want to sell a private island, don't have time to look after, what's the best way to offer it to other residents? never sold any land before, thank you.
  5. As a registered user, may i have a 512 m2 free parcel? if this is right, how do i claim for it?
  6. Please send me a note card if interested. http://slurl.com/secondlife/NEXE/151/114/28
  7. Can't understand why my product QB_ropebridge is listed as adult and I can't change that, it's just a bridge! Can anyone help?, please. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?search%5Bcategory_id%5D=&search%5Bmaturity_level%5D=A&search%5Bkeywords%5D=rope+bridge
  8. Full private Region for Sale, please get in touch if interested. QB Yiyuan
  9. I can't afford any more my full private land and i need to sell it, how can i do that?
  10. Hi, i have a region for sell, http://slurl.com/secondlife/NEXE/150/112/28. The price I'm thinking on is 800 UD and I asume the 100 UD for Lindens. And a a couple of months to have a small place to keep my marketplace boxes in till i find a new place for them. See you.
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