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  1. ■ SPLASH ■ Beach presents it’s first Flickr Photo Contest! Yes you need Flickr to enter. Feel free to submit as many photos as you like, as long as you are using an area of Splash as your backdrop & follow entry requirements below. There is no entry fee for this contest. EVERYONE is welcome to enter. ■ How to submit ■ 1. Name your Picture-- SPLASH 25k Entry # 1,2,3 (continue on etc) - Your SL Login Name” Photo Title Example: Splash 25k Entry #1 - Sarena Seerose 2. Add a link to this post in your photo description. www.flickr.com/photos/153865163@N05/27704659079
  2. @ Syo Sorry if I didn't clarify better, the survey is for non traditional places of meeting as well as those meeting through dating websites. Examples: World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Chatrooms, Forums, MySpace, Facebook ect.. The process of e-dating is similar to that of regular online dating websites, except with games and other MMO's you can sometimes virtually interact with them prior to meeting. I've been posting the survey on different websites including other games I play, dating sites, and forums to get more well rounded feedback. So many great stories from SL so far and a few sad ones
  3. @Malanya, I am working on a research paper for my psychology class trying to get an insight as to why people online date. I have played SL on and off since 2007 so I know what goes on, but want to get to the root of 'why'. Thank you all for your kind messages, as well as those who responded to the survey so far it's been a big help.
  4. Hi everyone I've been wondering a lot about a specific topic recently, online dating. This is specifically starting as an E-dating/E-relationship situation (dating online for a bit of time before meeting), and how it worked out for you. Did you meet at all? Did you get married, have children with this person? I know of many people who have grown fond of someone in-game where sparks flew and wonderful relationships blossomed, but also told of E-dating horror stories. I created a survey for research paper purposes if people don't wish to share here. Hopefully i'll be able to collect a decent amo
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