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  1. Hi everyone's, GFF is looking for DJs, Host and Dancers. The club is Goth themed, Tunes played there are : Rock, Metal, Hardrock, EBM, Indus, Electro (techno, house....) Soon 3 years we are open and we are wanting to fill our events times, from 10am till 4pm SLT every days. Djs, the voice isn't necessary.. you can do it as you prefer, to have followers is a plus. Host / Hostess, some experiences are really welcome, an outgoing personnality is needed.. that's you who keep the party up. Dancers, we are looking for lovely dancers who know how to emote. Feel free to pass by and to take an applications or to send me a notecard. Gaedhilge Dreams (88,125,24)
  2. Hi again, After 48H waiting for the update, who never happened. i've been ahead and got a new MagicBox, then i've rezzed it, made a copy of the inventry of my old one, delted it and added all my items in the new one. Been waiting for the color change of the magic box, then made a new sync on the market place. Magic operating and the complete inventory of my magicbox appear in the listing of my Merchant shop. I hope it will help some peeps who get this problem. All the best everyones
  3. Thanks a lot for your reply Maybe, i was wondering about this maintenance too, but alike i didn't had seen more informations... Well.. i guess that's again a case where the "wait and see" gonna work and to keep an eye on the market place inventory.
  4. Hi everyones, First time i'm posting here, i'm used to read the forum but not to post. Just i've a prob since a week, my Marketplace inventory isn't showing the new items dropped in the magic box (or hardly coming in it) I was wondering if i'm the only one to have this problem and this despite my tries : reset of the box, sync from the merchant area, to take it back in my inventory and to rez it again ... and so on. f anyone have some informations or ideas about why it happen, i would really enjoy it. Thanks and have a great day
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