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  1. It has a resident who is using low-level words with me and I would like to report it, how and where can I do this? Thanks a lot B.
  2. do have the lindens in my account, and my partner agreed yes, I've done several tests, including Agum friends, but the partner does not enter, my avatar should be bugged
  3. This standard procedure I've ever done, the process of doing I know, but my avatar does not accept, must be solved!
  4. Brenda Camino


    Can anyone help me to get married? I've tried various browsers, and only denies the avatar. Whatever I ask her to marry or be requested. I already sent several tickets and no one answers me? Anyone know how I can fix this? I've used too many viewers as phoenix, SL2, Emergence, but unfortunately I cannot. thanks
  5. Thanks for your help, you are very nice, however, I tried several browsers, I've sent several tickets and even tried to become a premium subscriber, and also I could not be. I'm desperate, I do not want another account, because I spent a lot of linden. If you know anything further, please let me know. Thanks again By the way I use Phoenix and sometimes Emergence.
  6. The fact of not being reborn not bother me, but I can not partner with anybody, not sending or receiving the invitation, you have some idea of ​​what I do for this to work?
  7. I went to the land, I took the folder and copied it to my inventory, but in my outfits, the links are still broken. Just copy to my inventory? I have to put in some specific folder?
  8. How do I recover the original folders? At the beginning of the game they were deleted from my inventory, and the avatar was bugged,someone knows answer me or help me?I can not make partnership and not use the Character Test to rebirth.
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