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  1. Mini Hunt @ Free Dove is UP and running NOVEMBER FEATURED DESIGNERS are just active now with all the gifts around Free Dove... Check who they are by read about them... use this link below http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gallii/113/56/33 Visit Free Dove to see, AlaskaMetro, Belle Roussel with Chop Zuey Jewelry & Physco Clothings... I luv ya all! Dove *You can set HOME @ Free Dove*
  2. shoot I gave you a Kudos, sorry, not sure what that means, I hope is not a negative mark because you did helped me. I solved the problem.
  3. People are receiving an awful spam named ..::ExDepart::.. Gift Package 201 I received over 20 of this object today and I reported to Lindens as a linden told me to do in live chat. It is terrible, but now people that are around me saying I am the one sending this item and I am not. What's up with that?? Someone tell me if a linden read this, please please do something.
  4. IM me in world, not sure if you are referring to Free Dove. I do research on the designer and be sure the designer is a good creator and not someone that copies, ect... Your name sounds familiar. Just send me stuff in Free Dove. And I do need shapes, People, newbies need shape. So with me, don't think there is a problem. Send me your store landmark please. Thanks for the kind words about FD.
  5. I am the owner of Free Dove. Style Clothing Boutique, 7 yrs of service to SL.... All best freebies w/established Top designers of SL, The Free Dove is a legitimate and original free items location since 2006 for only designers that have established & successful businesses in SL. I have over 200 designers all together. So now again I have open call to keep updating items. You can apply and I can check you have the requirements to be part of Free Dove. I look for skins for men and women, jewerly, clothing, shoes, shapes, animations such as AO's all for the appearance to the avatar. No furniture or other items. Every item should look awsome, to the highest quality. I carefully choose the designers I invite to my SL project. Also selecting a few new designers with high potential in becoming top designers in the future. Submit a notecard requesting placement. I am sure you remember when you were just a newbie. All lost, no where to go and follow the rest of the world in SL wishing that someone would guide you to the right locations. Not only that but almost dreaming to dress with the best clothes out there and look descent. Remember that? So I am looking for the best out there. I don't gain anything from this but just a great smile from someone new that doesn't have many lindens to spend. And a way for the new resident to learn about you. So, what do you think? Would you like to be part of my continuous project to help others? Come be part of Free Dove and feel good about yourself helping others. This happiness you share with a new person will be returned to you in your designer career in SL, you will see... Drop me a notecard, remember IM's cap in SL and get lost in bad loggins and teleports. Looking forward to hear from you, Palomma Casanova
  6. Thank you for all the nice remarks about The Free Dove. I am the owner of it and enjoy a lot bringing the best of designers to the new resident of SL and the entire community since 2006. I am glad is still helping many... Hope to see more and more people visiting as always! Pal
  7. Please some one help me to connect to a lindens so they restart mainland sim Gallii. It is very laggy and when people resses their boxes they can't be deleted and become ghosts but still in the way. So far this sim hasn't been restarted for a while. Thanks.
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