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  1. First off..sorry that i dont speak 2 lanugages perfect..im german..mistakes happen Buts thats not the topic here anyway And i do not advertise anything, cuz the register on that side is disabled anyway, wich is a good thing actually All i wanted to know, is if i can report that on Sl or not, since this is just a side where you can download and i dont want to get teached how to speak english
  2. A friend of mine told me about this site : www.xxx.xxx.xxx (I've removed the link. Joanna) where you can create a account and download a ascent viewer wich easy copybots stuff..either skins or even objects. And this is seariously bad for every creator on sl and someone should shut down that side Seems like they allready disbabled the new registrations, wich is a good thing, cuz that means that not more ppl can download the viewer...but still..the ppl that allready have it..can pass it arround anyway The bad thing about this side is, of course that you can download the viewer there but even more bad is that you can even download skins and all that directly on that side -.- even whole avatars..that means you dont even have to actually use the viewer   I dont get why secondlife dont start to work on shutting down viewers like that. Im going to search for a tool wich auto bans ascent viewers ( cuz that is what the viewer is) from my sim allready, cuz i dont want anybody near my shop with that viewer   Question is, can i write a tiket for that side on sl? cuz actually its nothing that happends right IN sl and nothing that has actually something to do with Sl itself, other then it destrois alot businesses D:
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