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  1. I was at Auction at Morria http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wild%20Ones/140/45/22 A lot off ppl were there and saw this steal. And,,,sadly --no---I had not put any price on the horse from home :___((( person grabbed Horse when I were pricing it without authorization. It was understood it was not going to be sold or given to them. 08/16/2011 13:41:05 b4989ecf Source: Pompeo Object Sale Region: Wild Ones Description: 7T/RED/PNT/CLYDE/FIRE Name: 0 Bundle UUID: 38905834-7209-a277-1877-361fdb0638a1 Date Entered: 8/16/2011 2:47:25 PM
  2. Just to let you all know that I have just talked to Live Chat. He said : that the blank page was a known issue and that my name will be pushed to operation to be resolved. He walked me through the sighning up to a free home and got the blank page himself !!! Thank you for helping me
  3. I just tried creating a new account ---I had no problem logging in to choose from 4 different houses. I dont want to keep this account though. I went to be a Premium member with my old account to be able to get a free home, and It turnes out that Im not allowed to have a free home :-( Whats the purpose for SL to make adds that you can turn to Premium member and get a lot of bennifits when one cant get in ??
  4. I have just written to Se Live Chat and repportet the issue. I have tried to use Explore but exatly same problem :-(((((
  5. I have cleaned all in my Browser ----I still get the same emty answer :-(
  6. Still not working for me :-( It has not worked for 2-3 days now......anyone wil help me how to report it please ?
  7. No sorry its the same blank page :-( when I click the link Get your home now
  8. Filur Lyric

    Premium member

    I have just signed up to to be a Premium member as I would love to have my own home for free. When I click the link Get your own home now ..I just resieve a emty page :-(  HELP...I want to recieve the bennifit of ceeing a Premium member.
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