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  1. Its curious 'cuz I made all the steps correctly but when I exported the mesh with the modiffier (armature) the bones lost and that cannot let me check on the upload options the Skin Weights, But I tried with avastar addon, I exported the same mesh and that let me uploaded it correctly.
  2. Solved it, I bought the Avastar addon and it solved my problem, Blender wasnt exporting the bones correctly.
  3. Hello to all, I'll hope you can help me, I'm making mesh for the BG Solarian Feline Avatar in blender (2.78), but when I upload it the mesh i got this problem... The mesh is deforming. I have to add: the dummy has an animation with the deformed bones, when I deleted the animation poses the physics are lost and i can't check on the viewer the physics checkbox on the uploading window ;-; 
  4. Hello to all, I have a problem. Well, when I try to upload a Mesh (in SLBeta and SL, I'm using firestorm viewer), It's set :"TBD" and didn't calculate the $L for upload, and give me an error: "MAV_BLOCK_MISSING Upload_InvalidAsset" . Anyone know about this? I alredy changed my password, well... I had time without log in SL.
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