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  1. I co own an awesome place in SL called Little hope with cheap rentals/adult community. We have approached our 1 yr birthday of being open and a huge party is planned on the 5th August at 4pmslt with live singer and dj etc. So i can concentrate on other things that will require my attention i am seeking an experienced host who is comfortable with working in an adult sim, who is over 18 and who can work between 4pmSLT unti 7PMSLT , or alternatively two hosts who can cover an hour and half each or one who can do the whole 3 hours. pay is 750lindens per hour plus 100% tips Notecard me please in world if your interested. Brooke George (brooke herberg)
  2. I am the Co owner of a stunning adult community and rentals in second life (est june 2016) and we are seeking someone to run a couple of small events a month at our sim. Full details will be given at interview however to give you a general idea of what we seeking please read below. Male/female does not matter, voice is required as some of the events will be on voice. As its an adult environment its demanded that you are strictly over 18 only and no child like avs. We are seeking someone to do adult events such as adult erotic story times (NOT adult voice shows) etc in our Manor which is decked out with all the latest adult animations . No djs need apply as that is not what we are seeking . Time zone wise for events we would like one to suit Australian,Europe timezone and the other event on the american time zone that way we reach everyone. Pay is generous due to the nature of the role, we are offering 1500ls flat pay rate for 1 hr 30 mins which will be paid to you at the end of shift , any tips are yours to keep. Please notecard Brooke Herberg or Deacon Mistwood with your full sl name and any experience you have plus a sl picture of yourself and state what you can bring to this role . Lastly rename the note card with your name followed by application for event coordinator , successful applicants will be asked to come meet us . (only avs over 60 days old ) Closing date is 14th april no applications after that date please , if you have not heard anything by 20th april then we are sorry you was not selected, any applications done by IM and not note card will not be considered and lastly please not do respond here. Thanks for reading and have a fab weekend.
  3. I am seeking a photographer to take pictures of my rental sim and merge the pictures into one collage . Please contact me inworld where we can discuss things further . Many Thanks Brooke
  4. Thanks all for all the suggestions
  5. typo correct * cannot find *
  6. i have been exhausting the search in world and MP and i cannto find what i am looking for. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the best wedding gowns for mesh bodies . many thanks
  7. I am seeking a great quality place to live. Furnished with the latest decor, interactive kitchen , seating area for entertaining etc. Great views wanted and 2 bedrooms would be ideal but not set in stone . Any ideas? as the search not bringing up what i am seeking .
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