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  1. Hello; This discussion thread is not monitored by Mama Allpa Support Staff: If you have a support question for Mama Allpa the fastest way to get help is via the Mama Allpa Support Group at secondlife:///app/group/ebb8ee66-27fe-752c-6801-3035cc307dbe/about Regarding your appearance: You can certainly purchase pregnancy shapes; we even have vendors in the main store that sell pregnancy shapes and automatic 'shape shifters' that change your shape for you ("automatic shape changes require that you setup the #RLV folders and activate RLV in the viewer). However personally I use my own shapes; no store bought shapes look like 'me'.. a shape changes your appearance rather dramatically so I have modified my own and use those. There are also "mesh bellies" that you can attach and wear (those don't require changes to your shape to alter the belly size although in reality other parts of the body also tend to grow during pregnancy (i.e. chest and ankles etc) so a belly alone isn't quite as realistic but can certainly do the job. If you want to make your own shapes there is a shape change calculator on the website that can help Regarding the pregnancy calculator - the download is available from the website; you need to choose the "downloads" link on the left side of the page and then choose the file type you need. https://sites.google.com/site/hudmamaallpa/Home/downloads
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