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    Missing text

    Hi It seems i have lost some text, for instance, when i go into the debug settings, the box comes up, but no text, so i have no clue as to what one is what, if i hover the mouse over the options they appear i know this is not right, any clues??? This also happens when i right click an avi, the options come up, the segment for profile is there, but again the writing has gone??? Proper getting to me now, i have un installed and reinstalled twice, and still nothing, is it a setting i have screwed ??? Regards Kef
  2. Ermmm where have all the other comments gone???????????????
  3. mmm just pasted the stream into itunes and again it plays for like a few seconds then stops (.977music)
  4. The music just cuts out, i have just been to a sim and the music plays there, go to beachwood or sleek and 5 seconds GONE!!!  salt springs sim plays fine,,,,, just sooooo confused over this
  5. yeah maybe, but its been 3 days now on every sim>????? just cant work it out
  6. mmmmm it just came on then off again without me doing a thing ?????
  7. im using pheniox at the moment is it the same issue i wonder??
  8. Hi All Over the past few days im having issues with the streaming music on any land, i hit the play button, the music plays for like 5 seconds, then stops!! If i pause then play again, it works again for a short time then stops again!! GRRRRRR Any ideas, it's driving me totally MAD right now, i have tried it on another computer and totally the same problem. any help will stop me from loosing the plot completly. thanks in advance KEF
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