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  1. The rendering speed of Singularity, the fantastic ease of use of Imprudence's interface and mesh code = a viewer worth having. The viewer 3 interface sucks real bad and sticking "lipstick on a pig" doesn't help especially if you are a newbie and don't even KNOW what you want and where etc. If the interface was genuinely USER FRIENDLY from the outset it wouldn't need all the extra tweaking tools!!
  2. Up to thursday of last week I was able to buy Lindens inworld with no problems at all however when I have tried today (several times and in two different viewers to rule out the viewer being the issue) to buy lindens I have received no error messages of feedback but simply my request to buy was ingonred, On logging in to my webmail I noted that each of my attempts to buy Lindens triggered an email entitled "Second Life: Linden Dollar Market Buy Order Declined Notificatio" and the body of the email states "An attempt to purchase Linden Dollars for your account via the LindeX page on secondlife.com has failed.". Purchases are handled via my SL account by Paypal and I have logged ino there and found no issues or problems reported by them with my account so I am at a loss to understand why m,y requests via the Lindex exchange are not being processed as usual?
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