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  1. Technically invisiprims were never supported.  They are an exploit object kinda like megaprims.  At one point someone discovered the alpha glitch in the Second LIfe matrix and invisiprims were created.  When advanced lighting came along the exploit was exposed.  And as discovered an appropriate 'alpha' is now needed to be worn on the base avatar to hide body parts.

  2. If it is just one pair of stockings I would assume possibly the texture for the applier might be funky. Try cranking down draw distance to something more like 120 meters and up the graphics quality perhaps. Texture cache is only as big as your graphics card and a huge draw distance could be a problem. Maybe try a new copy of the body and re-apply the stocks as a shot.

  3. Either replace the 'blank hair' with a bald base of some kind.. or.. edit the blank hair.. you'll find sliders to zero down that way old school avatar hair.

  4. Hiya sunshine sparkle faces :)


    Okies, so I **love** my Dr Life skin. It has nice soft facial tones and good texturing of the bewbie cleavage and derriere. I also tried slink feet and now there is no turning back since I have been waiting for mesh feet with sock/stockings appliers for like 100 second life years LOL.


    And therein lies the problem. I cannot get a good match without using one of the blending tattoo layers. While that looks okay it does give the appearance that my legs are spray painted from the shin on down. And since there is a googleplex of skin out there I am asking the forum for some help with homing in on a new skin. I would like something like Dr Life with slink appliers if that is possible. Here is some pics of my look for reference.


    Thank you for any help!






    new profilerrr.JPG

    vanity 1.jpg

  5. I went though the same thing and ended up using Mama Allpa for the hud and modifying my own shape using the spreadsheet Mama Allpa offers. Then I discovered the AHB Shapeshifter which uses RLV to read the Mama Allpa hud settings to automatically change shapes as my pregnancy went on.

  6. Looks like a facelight probably, that would explain the shading under the eyes as well. Standard SL lighting is kinda harsh, that is why face lights are so popular and such a problem of their own. If you can change the windlight settings on your viewer, try Nam's Optimal Skin and Prim.

  7. Objects and items in inventory have properties and they are: copy, modify, and transfer. 99.99% of all demo boxes are copy. When you drag the item from your inventory to the ground, you are making a copy first. When you delete the copy that is rezzed on the ground you still have the original in your inventory. Clearing cache is something not to be done on a regular basis. If you do things correctly (let inventory load before having fun) then cache rarely ever needs cleared.

  8. As much as I applaud your desire to remain virus free, that philosophy certainly does limit your choices on many things. If stay aware of where you are on the net and only download from the source then you will be fine. I've been doing the "innernets" since the days when a 14.4k modem was the envy of everyone. The only times I contracted any virtual VD's was when I got stupid. And that was only twice.

  9. They tried it for a short time and nothing became of it. It was very limited, no inventory or anything. The graphics were pretty okay but the best feature was no sim crossing issues. I loved it for that. I would log in with the regular viewer, rez my motorcycle, log out, log in using the web viewer and drive around without a single issue.

  10. Ivy Krautrauch wrote:

    purple stripes, or her skin is rearranged with the lips on the front of her thighs, or her breast on the back of her shin, or some other psychedelic bad nightmare. Ivy

    Sounds like a cache issue and or a graphics driver issue. I would recommend manually clearing cache..



    Also.. as it stands right now. *your* computer is responsible for "baking" your avatar for yourself and how others see you inworld. Basically all the painted layers of the base avatar including alpha layers are rendered by your graphics card on your computer. From your description of purple stripes, lips, and breasts sounds like a very possible graphics driver problem that can be resolved by updating your graphics cards driver per the manufacturer.


    If the avatar shape is properly rigged mesh, the skeleton sliders will work (sliders that affect joint position). What will not work are the facial and muscle/fat sliders.

    Amethyst Jetaime wrote:

    If the body is mod, you can only modify the textures.  You can't modify the mesh itself in SL.  Sliders are not going to work  The only way to mod the body is if he sends you the file he used when he imported it so that you can take it into your own modeling software and modify it.  So if you are not happy with the appearance, don't buy it.


  12. Welcome 3 Future avatar is umm, well, awful!


    <UTILIZATOR> - Avatar 2.0 - beta is a pretty good mesh avatar but... as with any rigged mesh, you're stuck with simple adjustments to the skeleton.  Not only are you stuck with the face and muscle/fat ratio, add that a rigged mesh human avatar is going to be limited to whatever clothing the creator provides.


    I would love a new mesh for the base avatar as much as anyone but until one is as adjustable as the current setup, rigged mesh human avatars are just toys to play with.

  13. If you play around for like ever and ever you can get even the worst of them to match failry close. I've learned to live with that.

    What I really really REALLY want are more shoes with stockings options like the Ncore Shark.. but better. Ncore Shark is the only shoes I have which I can match to some of my stockings collection. I have others which have sock/stocking options but the shark are the only ones I can wear stockings from No. 9 or whoever..

    Something with options for seamed or not seamed, reenforced heel/toes. Wouldn't it be great to have your pedicure showing though your sheer stockings??

  14. If you're sure it isn't any of the standard media stuff then look for attachments that may be causing the problem. The Firestorm bridge has been known to go wonky and do things like make sounds like that.

  15. splayed fingers happen all the time unfortunately. Is your AO getting in the way? Animations have a hiearchy, maybe one of your AO anims is conflicting.


    I have an anim to reset the splayed fingers.. I'll send ya a copy to see if it works.

  16. Skins ans shapes react differently. Take any given shape and adding different skins will create different looks. It's all in finding a blend that works well for you. You'll have to play around until you get what you like.

    I've tried making my own skin from templates but I suck so I left that to the professionals, but I do use my own shape. The current 'me' is skin from Dr. Life as they are pretty good but I made my own shape.

    vanity 2.jpgvanity 1.jpg

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