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  1. Just join Fashcon, Fashion Consolidated. You can get amazing deals for free or $1L! They send you notices quite frequently but you can turn them off and shop at your leisure. You get gifties from some great shops and wil barley spend a dollar!
  2. Thanks for tips. I downloaded the latest viewer again. Seems my objects work when I sit in the pilot's chair or when other people try and use them. Weird. I had no trouble sitting etc., when I first put the objects in and linked them to the house. Oh well might be a viewer problem or just bad editing on my part. I still have orginals and will try again and see what execatly the issue is.
  3. I have been away from SL for some time. I created a very nice flying home with scripted chairs and many features. Now that I have returned the scripts no longer work and the "prims" are invisible. I can see the form of the chair but not sit in it. Trying to click on some of the objects I placed in side my flying box just leads me to click on the entire structure. So While I can see objects I made in their place their scripts no longer work and they are transparent without solidity. The flight controls work and my barstool and pilot chair are fine. I did not create those. But any of the interior objects I produced no longer function. Any suggestions on how to go about fixing this? Can it be fixed or will I have to rebuild from scratch?
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